Where is the social?

  I know that many who will read this will not be entirely familar with my gaming background over the past year or so. About a month or two ago, I quit World of Warcraft, which had been the only gaming experience I was having for the past three years. Needless to say, it's a very social game, and the leaving all of my friends and guildmates was a tough decision in the end. 

  However this isn't a thread about my gaming history and another topic about me leaving WoW. I pose this question to you: What communities, other than Giantbomb, are effective ways of meeting other gamers who share a similar passion for gaming. Although I have plenty of friends that I see in the "real life", we don't really have similar interests, especially when it comes to gaming. My girlfriend is the same way, though she likes to rock out in Rock Band on easy vocals from time to time. Since WoW, I've been pretty introverted while gaming, especially on Xbox Live because most I encounter aren't the brightest lightbulbs in the box. Anyway, I'm sure you guys can come up with some answers.

Star Trek D-A-C Achievement Guide

  I've written my first guide on Giantbomb. It primarily focuses on how to get all of the Star Trek D-A-C achievements in a very short amount of the time, because let's face it: We all like points. Right?

Go check it out.

Polling the GB audience.

  So, I have all these games and that's something I haven't been able to say for a while. I have a stack of stuff I want to play, but I'm really having a TON of difficulty picking what to play. So as a result, I'm polling the Giantbomb aduience. Here are your choices:

1) GTA4. A pretty large time commitment, especially since my goal in all of this is to get as many games 1000/1000gs as possible.
2) Halo 3. I went ahead and bought all the maps in order to play some online.
3) CoD: WAW. Picked this up from Blockbuster yesterday and have it until Saturday or so unless I want late fees. 
4) CoD4: Although my disk was scratched to hell, I have a loaner from a friend.
5) GoW2: Is coming tomorrow in the mail most likely from the Canadian version of Gamefly. 
6) Lego: Indy: Is coming on Tuesday.
7) Lego Star Wars: Complete: Is coming on Tuesday. Although I've already gone through and got most of the original trilogy achievements, I am not looking forward to this one.
8) Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts: Anyone know how easy this one is in terms of points?

The mystery of the missing Halo 3.

  If you've been reading my blog posts in the past week, you probably know that I have recently quit WoW to persue a much more well rounded gaming "career".   As of a result of playing WoW for so long and not really caring about the two game consoles sitting beside my television collecting dust, I found something extremely disturbing. All of my games, excluding a few ones that aren't even worth mentioning, were gone. Call of Duty 4, Rock Band 2, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, all games that I have bought in the past three years that I haven't once spent more than a couple hours with at maximum. This also includes a little game called Halo 3. I've been so caught up in World of Warcraft that I didn't notice that my friends were picking apart my game collection like vultures for so long. I suppose I can be blamed for this, but I do have a friend (who held the majority of these games for a long period of time) who doesn't really look after petty things like 60 dollar disks very well. When I got CoD back, I poped it in this afternoon and noticed that on the third mission of the single player campaign, the disk became unreadable by my xbox. After cleaning it with the famous toothpaste technique, I have yet to put it in. But even after I got this big stack of games back from him, I was still missing one in which I wanted to try and get the full gamerscore out of. Halo 3. Eventually after tearing my room apart, I found it stuck between two of my little sister's school binders as she was the last to play it. It's a little banged up, but not as bad so I hope it works flawlessly. 

  Question of the Day: Are the map-packs that seem to be REQUIRED to go online with worth purchasing? Or is Halo 3 a dead game these days?

Thoughts on Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts so far

  I may only be like ten jiggies in, but my god is this game frusterating at times. Yeah, it's fun, but some of these challenging aren't even hard, they're just plain out frusterating and random. I don't know if that's a fair assessment of the entire game, but I'll check back later.


Breaking a habit.

  I have returned! A lot of the people I have on my contact list probably won't remember me but I spent a ton of time in the Giantbomb IRC channel when the site first launched and made a ton of edits over a span of three weeks and then magically dissapeared. The reason for that dissapearance is: WoW. But as of Thursday, I ended a very long, very time consuming part of my life and cancelled my World of Warcraft account in order to persue different kinds of gaming as well as different things in life that I've been missing out on in the six years that I have been playing MMORPGs (starting with Star Wars Galaxies). After writing up my goodbye post on my guild's forum, I shifted my efforts to console gaming, something I will be doing a lot more of.

  The weird thing is that I don't miss WoW very much. I've been debating the decision for the past two months, shortly after Patch 3.1 hit servers and Ulduar, the new raid dungeon was released. For some strange reason, it just didn't appeal to me as much anymore. I feel very free and a little more secure in my life. Only a week ago, I was bound by a four raids a week schedule that gave me little time to do anything other than WoW. Even school had to take a seat on the backburner at times. But now, I'm happy playing games on my own schedule and being able to do things in Real life (like seeing friends on Friday night, going to parties, giving a ton more attention to my girlfriend that I felt she lacked). 

  I did have a website hosted by Squarespace that I also ended the past week (thanks economy), so I'll probably do a little bit more blogging here when it comes to the geeky things in life that we all love. Yesterday I played through Terminator Salvation, and although a good game, I don't know if it'll be possible for me to stomach playing through it again on a harder difficulty just to get the full 1000gs out of it. The night before, I played through Quantum of Solace. The game was a little bit lacking on the points for the lower difficulty (as there are a lot of things to collect as well as Online achievements that I won't get due to my rental due date is next Friday). Next on the list is finishing King Kong and Viva Pinata, both games that I really haven't had a chance to get the full 1000 points out of since their release.


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I want to give a huge shoutout to the IRC crew who made this tedious activity much more enjoyable. Now that we have that under control, lets get to work on the Wiki :D


So, new PC huh.

  Guess I'm getting a few major upgrades for my PC on Thursday. Pretty excited for that. This computer is nearly six years old and I've strung it out with minimal upgrades for so long that I guess I have to do it now. It's going to be nice to be able to raid in World of Warcraft without the game looking like a slideshow.