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If my save wasn't on a console shipped halfway across the country, I'd be more excited.

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@Lies: The quest text is very helpful when finding the right key words
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I can't wait for this. Love all of Ready at Dawn's work

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Let me preface all of this by saying this is only about 20 hours into the game for me. I've just finished recruiting Samara and I believe I'm done with all the recruitment in the main game. I know this blog post is eons late, but I had some thoughts on the game rolling around in my mind about the game and what better time to plop them down.
First off, the mission pacing is really great, none of them feel too long or too short and Bioware really struck a good balance most of the time. Only two complaints. One, when you're beginning a mission, the game has a tendency to just throw you into them with little warning. Sure, there usually is a bail out dialogue option, but my dumbass is too blind to see it before I'm forced into a mission. The missions aren't terrible at all, so this isn't a real huge knock against the game, but I'd like a little more warning. Second, the structure of the missions is entirely too linear, and I know a lot of people that agree with me on this point. The game encourages slight exploring, rewarding you with upgrades or extra ammunition for heavy weapons, but  I don't feel overly enthusiastic about exploring. With my OCD nature, I still am exploring every nook and cranny, but I wish they game would let me go out onto the vistas that it teases me with.
Combat is also feeling a bit repetitive, although it still is quite fun. The rock-paper-scissors mechanic with the defenses versus abilities stuff is actually really neat and brings some nice strategy to the game. However, I do find myself leaning toward Miranda and Grunt 99% of the time, occasionally throwing Garrus in the mix. I know at any point I could use another team mate, but I can tell on the harder difficulties, there will be certain persons you just have to keep with you. This is still my first playthrough, and I'm going through as a Sentinel right now, which might explain my leaning on Miranda for her Overload, myself for Warp and Grunt for his Incindeary Ammo to the whole party and his individual fire ability.. I can make it through the combat to get to more of the story, but I still feel like Bioware could have added a few more abilities to the fray to make combat a little more worthwhile.
The last aspect of the game that has really been catching my eye is the way the story is delivered. The character facial models are great, especially during dialogue trees; there have only been a few instances where you could tell a characters face was severely distorted. Like I said earlier, the missions are coming fast enough and are short enough that each sit down I'm drawn in for at least three hours, not because of one missions, but because I really want to see what happens next. Planet-scanning is monotonous and kind of just thrown in to extend the game's playtime, but that can be overlooked.
I just took a ten minute break to right this and I'm about to dive right in. I'm about to begin my crew's loyalty missions and possibly romance Miranda or Tali. I've already started working on Kelly ;). Hopefully I'll post my final impressions after I finish my first playthrough, and maybe again after I go through a second time, but that's it for now. Happy gaming!

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Bioware is either really good at teasing or really bad at promo checking. Either way, I wish I had an eye to spot that.

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Keep the content coming!

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This looks very...strange

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When was the Lincoln Force orginally mentioned, GDC?

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I kind of liked the first game, if this is just an overall better gameplay experience, then count me in. Dual-wielding lightsabers seems like an awesome idea

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Nice, I don't think this is going out of my DS any time soon :)