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Absolutely Fantastic... 0

Hitman Absolution is the massive re-entry of the world's deadliest assassin. After a 7 year hiatus, Square Enix has managed to bring back a series with a unique modern approach to its core play. Longtime fans will be pleased with the scale and the scope of the game, while the modern take opens a nitch for newcomers to follow.PRESENTATION: Excellent. Dark & Intense. The game is presented through the in-game engine, Glacier 2, which does a fantastic job of rendering the dark world in which Hi...

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Cool but Deficient... 0

DmC is the reboot of the Devil May Cry series by Ninja Theory. It is intended to direct a franchise in a new direction and gain a broader audience. I had no cons about the ideas behind the revitalizing of the series & its mythos, but merely with the execution of the ideas.PRESENTATION: Very Good. The artistic story telling is fantastic in the game, as well as the in game text to amplify some action scenes. Menu has framerate issues but well laid out and simple to see.GRAPHICS: Good. Environm...

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A Passable Letdown... 0

Front (JP)Ninja Gaiden 3 is a game that was on the list of must play games for 2012, that is, until it was actually released. I followed the release and pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of the game for PS3 and was excited to get my hands on it. Ninja Gaiden 2 and Ninja Gaiden Black were both games I played over and over and rank high on my all time favorites list. This third installment, however, is not a top notch entry in gaming and may go down as the title with the biggest disappointment t...

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Everything is not fine... 0

Lured by the cell shaded visuals of this game I decided to give it a try. A third-person action adventure game with a promising graphical and selectively used style should be a formula for a unique game. El Shaddai is a unique game for sure, but the execution of the premise is painful to experience. This is hands down one of the worst games I have ever played, and I finished the experience on a very sour note and due to its absence in difficulty. The lack of challenge is confusing, and the zero ...

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Incredible Reimagining turns an Epic Adventure into All-time Fav 0

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the game that bleeds fresh blood into the 20 plus year history of the Castlevania franchise. Like many other classic titles made famous on the Nintendo console back in the 80's, Castlevania has suffered from not following a timeline or staying true to one. The Legend of Zelda probably leads the pack, nobody knows which Link they are playing with or if it's a different version even though they all have the same name and more or less look alike. Almost all Final Fan...

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A Frankenstein assembly of a visual Masterpiece... 0

March 30, 2010 - God of War III is the conclusive adventure of the story of Kratos and his quest for revenge against the Gods of Olympus. Showcasing the graphical power of the Playstation 3 console, Sony Santa Monica Studios has been able to render a truly gorgeous looking game, although flawed in areas where previous games in the franchise had mastered. Rating a game within a series is different than any one stand alone product because you can't just pin it up again...

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The End is Nigh... 0

February 25, 2010 - Dante's Inferno is a third-person action adventure title produced by the videogame industry's top grossing company, Electronic Arts. It is their 1st successful entry into the genre, accompanied by full fledged marketing campaigns, Super Bowl ads, pre-order extras, free downloadable content and so forth.The demo of the game is quite gripping, and it captures the actual start of the game as well. After beating the demo several times I decided I would put forth the effort to pur...

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