Fear Effect - Adventures into archaic game design....

So I just got done a few hours ago with beating Fear Effect (never completed it back in the day). It really spoke to me how far games have come after playing this gem from 2000. The most notable thing for me was that the save points are in the most RIDICULOUS places and it genuinely feels as though someone with a bag of save-points just tipped it all over the game and was done. Sometimes there are two in a row, sometimes between two save points stand a ridiculously frustrating fight and then a boss fight, meaning death at the boss puts you back a considerable;e distance. It's all a bit mad. It made me realize just how efficient check-pointing/auto-saves have become in modern games.
With that said, Fear Effect is just a really great game. Having come out eleven years ago, the voice acting and graphics are super

90p on Ebay? Yes please.
b. The story is a little convoluted but is actually pretty interesting and the whole experience just feels effectively gritty. Thinking of doing a review for it.
I was wondering - any other bombers a fan of this game? I've just ordered the second off ebay, can't wait to get through it!

I wouldn't like to be Treyarch right now.....

I live in the UK. Currently it is 16:04 and all over facebook, friends are crying 'MINUS EIGHT HOURS TIL BLACK OPS!'.
All I can say is, I wouldn't like to be Treyarch right now. If there is the slightest, tiniest, incy, wincy little thing wrong with that game, there is going to be a nation of XBOX 360 jocks out to cut off their jacobs! I can just imagine a crowd of dudes running through the city brandishing spades and flaming torches - witch burning style!
Anyway, where was I? Ah yeah, back to Ratchet & Clank! :D


Would World of Warcraft be addictive if everyone said it wasn't?

With Cataclysm on the horizon I've seen one phrase being said time and time again....
'I hope this doesn't drag me back into WoW.'
I miss the days when WoW was first released - not because of the content, but it felt like a game I could play without all the stigmas attached to it today. It felt like a 'game' - a really fun game. Now, playing it feels akin to being a heroin addict - and at least heroin would be considered 'edgy'.
Ah well, everyone will be playing MMO's one day, at least it feels sweet to be part of the birth of a movement!


The great Final Fantasy XIII clearup

 So I have currently found myself in a bit of a situation - too many games - I want to complete them all but am struggling with getting them all played, This is my situation so far:
Dragon Age: origins (32 hours in)
Mass Effect (10 hours in, want to beat before moving onto ME2)
Mass Effect 2 (Not started)
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time (About 30 minutes in)
Valkyria Chronicles (About 34 hours played with about 3-4 Chapters left to beat)
Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit (Not started but want to complete before playing Heavy Rain)
Heavy Rain (Not started or even purchased yet but will definitely do this)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots (Start of Third Chapter but just picked up after two years so might start again to remember the story and such)
Borderlands (Level 31 - About 3/4 of my way through my first playthrough)
Gears of War 2 (About an hour into it) 
I want to get these all done before moving onto and playing Final Fantasy XIII