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League of Legends was my WoW-Killer. I'm sure people will say that it doesn't count as it's not an MMO, but to me - League fills all those tickboxes that WoW filled without needing to play daily, which suits my life style as i've grown up.

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@ravelle: That's a cool idea. I use a similar concept except I like to imagine my player character is the same person in whichever universe that particular game is set, with her backstory edited only very slightly to fit the universe she's in. Sort of like the same person being seen in multiple alternate dimensions. I always try to get her to look similar and use similar things and make decisions based on her, by now, quite well developed personal choices.

The game isn't out in the UK til tomorrow but I really wanted to chime in and say that because i haven't read about anyone else doing something like that!

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Checked this out after seeing UPF. Might be the first mobile game i've ever had a good time with. So far, really fun and satisfying to play!

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Man, my heart sank as this trailer went on. All those years of hearing about Titan being this super ambitious innovative thing, and their next move is a Team Fortress 2/League of Legends clone? Hard to express the disappointment.

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So this came out yesterday for us Brits and i took a gamble on picking it up. A gamble because, well, I've never played a Dynasty Warriors game and I've.............never reeeeally played a Zelda game. However, I always enjoyed the character design in Zelda games and the thought of those characters fighting in these huge battles sort of made me excited - even if I'm getting 0% of the references.

Anyway, the game is incredibly fun to play. The movesets of each character and weapon are just incredibly satisfying to use and running around sending little dudes flying across the field is not getting old. I also love the way it looks, and sounds! I recognize a few Zelda themes here and there. Framerate is also pretty solid. I feel if you were looking forward to this game you won't be disappointed in the slightest.

Now I'm wondering how this game feels for dynasty warriors veterans.

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Skeptical at first but i can feel it digging it's hooks in me. It just feels really cool to play. I thought it was actually a fairly poor first impression, now i'm level 5 and i have class abilities and stuff unlocked it's really, really clicking with me. Shooting feels just right, the on-the-fly multiplayer (a.k.a running into dudes in the open world areas) adds a lot of fun to exploration - i'm normally a lone wolf kind of guy but running into random dudes feels 'right' in this game.

Also, i'm playing on PS3 and assumed this version would be trash, but the framerate is holding up excellently - I've noticed no dips at all really, even with tons of stuff going on. Pretty impressive stuff.

Character creation stuff feels good. Definitely feel like my character is 'mine'.

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Just saw this pop up on steam in early access and this looks like a cyberpunk metroidvania (although the story won't be be implemented until next month according to the early access description?!)

Anyone been following this? A 2D sidescrolling Cyberpunk Metroidvania is pretty much the description for my dream game!

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I haven't had much time to play it, so i haven't beaten the first mission, but I absolutely love what i've seen so far. I love the brutal difficulty, I love the fact that the game isn't afraid to shit all over a players' hopes, which is reflected in the steam forums comments. I commend them for trying something different and enjoy playing something that's a far cry from hand-holding game difficulty that we've come to see everywhere.

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Wrecked the first two dudes with a miracle rogue deck. Turns out the ai struggles with a turn 3 10/10 VanCleef =)

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Literally the most badass thing I've ever seen. Hairs on the back of neck: standing the hell up! This is why League is the absolute best!