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Just saw this pop up on steam in early access and this looks like a cyberpunk metroidvania (although the story won't be be implemented until next month according to the early access description?!)

Anyone been following this? A 2D sidescrolling Cyberpunk Metroidvania is pretty much the description for my dream game!

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I haven't had much time to play it, so i haven't beaten the first mission, but I absolutely love what i've seen so far. I love the brutal difficulty, I love the fact that the game isn't afraid to shit all over a players' hopes, which is reflected in the steam forums comments. I commend them for trying something different and enjoy playing something that's a far cry from hand-holding game difficulty that we've come to see everywhere.

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Wrecked the first two dudes with a miracle rogue deck. Turns out the ai struggles with a turn 3 10/10 VanCleef =)

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Literally the most badass thing I've ever seen. Hairs on the back of neck: standing the hell up! This is why League is the absolute best!

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In front of the Whip you get in Hunstman copse I wrote:

'Weapon ahead and then visions of rear'

People seemed to be alright with that one.........kinky bastards...

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Watching this trailer, even though I think it looks good, left me questioning the game. While it looks like it could be super fun and will *presumably* do enough to distinguish itself from Hotline Miami, I still feel like it couldn't be considered amazing because of the fact that it so blatantly copies what was a unique gameplay style from something else.

Basically, does a game borrowing a mechanic from another entity (especially a game where that mechanic is so vital to its core) ultimately lead the developers shooting themselves in the foot?

If the Giantbomb staff show support for a game like this. I'm seriously reconsidering my membership, especially when they've claimed they only have time for a certain number of games. The developer for Hotline Miami has never been anything but super graceful (updating the pirated versions of the game e.t.c) and this is just totally ripping off his game in a way which is not cool. It's so close to Hotline Miami in every way, it just feels wrong.

If this game does super well, then I don't see how this kind of cloning doesn't become a lucrative option for 99% of game developers and I wouldn't blame them.

People need to vote with their wallets and not support this shit. This is as bad as that 'Unearthed' Uncharted game.

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@fluxwavez: it's funny you mention Yasuhiro. He's almost identical to a friend of mine who passed away (he looked just like him, had big fuzzy hair like him, was INCREDIBLY laid back, really interested in astrology and things like that) so he actually hit pretty close to home for me, almost like seeing my friend immortalised as a video game character! I definitely cared about some more than others but every character felt like they belonged in the story. Just really enjoyed everything about it, and WHAT a soundtrack!

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Got round to finishing this lastnight. Wow! One of the best games I've played in a while. Great characters, the story kept me interested and the court scenes were really fun to play through. Definitely high on the list in GOTY for me.

I'm really impressed they made, essentially, 15 main characters that I cared about. Can't wait for the sequel.

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The Japanese like sex more than you do. Maybe you shouldn't play 'JRPG's and stick with 'RPG's or you're setting yourself up to fail...

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I thought the writing was fantastic and the characters were all incredibly likable - some of my favorite characters ever. The fact that your literally fighting for their lives in the missions made them even more precious.

I guess they had to keep a lot of the characters very straight because they were essentially game-anizing the nazi holocaust and if you give the wrong message then you could land yourself in a heap of trouble. I thought they approached it pretty respectfully though.