Characters I favour playing...

This originally was a list of all the fighting game characters I've ever considered my "main". I thought instead I'd make a list of the characters I favour playing in games (due to the list stretching beyond fighting games). I will constantly update it.

List items

Posted by ahoodedfigure

League of Legends looked interesting in the build up to release, but I'm holding off until I get a machine that could handle it. How do you feel about their payment system, by the way? I guess my brain's a bit old; I'm not used to all these new methods companies are using.

Posted by el_tajij

@ahoodedfigure: It's got really low system specs and most people play it with graphics at a minimum (unless you have a super computer), I'm playing it on a Mac Mini! :D

I find the payment system to be really.....satisfying? That'd probably be the best word to describe. You don't feel like your paying for anything you don't want and everything is reasonably priced (despite what people might say on the official forums). Obviously it definitely helps if you have more money to spend but I have a friend who's been playing solidly since November and he's only spent £5 so far.

You should get on it asap and join the party! It's easily the game i've been having most fun with this year!