Oddest Issue I've ever had

So I decided to install the game because I never actually got around to beating the game and I wanted to actually start practicing and play competitively, but ever since I installed the game it's caused my computer to BSOD if I'm not playing the game. My PC would crash 15 minutes after boot up if I didn't play SC2. When I would play it, it wouldn't crash for the rest of the day unless I played a different or if my computer went into sleep/power save and then was woken up and I don't play SC2 again. Maybe my installer was cursed. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this either. I had to uninstall the game and since then I haven't had any issue. I want to play but I don't want to deal with the hassle of my computer crashing when I want to do something else.


Trying out Hellgate: London

So recently I was made aware that Hellgate: London has become a free-to-play (F2P) game. When the game was first announced in what feels like oh so many years ago I was initially hyped. It looked good and had some promise with it coming from the fact that part of the Diablo team was working on it. Then as the days passed closer and closer to its release I became more and more skeptical about the game and ultimately I forgot all about it. It launched and well it wasn't pretty as far as I know.
So the game died and people tried to bring it back and then it was brought back, hurray!
So given that it is free and I really don't have anything to play at the moment I figured I'd give it a whirl.
The games UI is pretty cluttered and I really don't enjoy having to hold the alt key to interact with the UI but I suppose its a necessary thing in order to main the free camera to target and attack.
The game was sort of messy to begin with I wasn't sure what everything on the UI was for and I still am not quite sure what everything is for. I originally thought the yellow meter above the health orb was a stamina bar and that it went down every time I attacked but turns out it's the shield meter. I still don't know what the green meter above the mana orb is though. There is also these icons that appear above the mana orb and apparently they're for mini-games but I don't quite understand it. I assume you comply to what it demands as you enter each instance and you complete it and that's that.
The game is feeling a bit dull and is sort of getting repetitive in more than one way. The combat is just a typical hack and slash with very little need to even use your abilities from your skill tree though they aren't completely useless I feel as though I can make way without them for the most part.
The environments as well seem very much the same everywhere. You have your sort of sewer area, the passage ways all are these abandoned bunker type areas, each hell rift is practically the same, and all of the hubs are these train station like areas. There are some unique places like the museums but that's about it so far. Hopefully the later acts change it up. 
I'm giving the game a chance though so, I'll try to play the game until level cap. I've yet to do anything in group form so maybe I'll try that tomorrow as well.


uber fail

So towards the end of the month a friend of mine was moving out of the state and in order for me to play online he let me borrow, (originally he "gave it to me'), his xbox wireless adapter because he had no use for it. So by the time he was leaving I gave him back his adapter and I haven't been able to play online since. So I go over to a friends house and I decide hey I can recover my Gamertag and play a game or two and so I did and when I went home I didn't think about taking my xbox to my dads office and hooking it up in there to recover my GT back home. So I just played my games like I normally do. Right now I'm working on Just Cause 2 (Post-Storyline) and I borrowed Dante's Inferno from a friend. So I get all of the pre-DLC achievements for Dante's Inferno and I had at least a couple hundred from JC2 done and then I recovered my GT and bam all of it was gone. Luckily Dante's Inferno is easy and i got all 1000 back on that but as for JC2. I pretty much had the game narrowed down to 3 achievements, one of them was to get 75% completion and the other two were to beat the game on the higher difficulty. Meaning by the time I would be finished with the game I would be left with only 2 achievements that I don't care to go back and get. (I have a poor temper and usually hate playing games on higher difficulties unless its an FPS.) Where am I going with this? Well basically now I'm stuck with three achievements that I won't attain because one of the achievements is that you need to beat all 49 faction missions and since I have them done already I can't re do any of them so basically I screwed myself out of an achievement.


Started playing Killing Floors again

I always find myself playing the game in bursts. I enjoy the game for the most part, except ZED time I hate you!, but I figured out why I usually stop playing the game. It has to do with people who don't understand how to play as a team or are just utter noobs. 
 I have beaten some of the maps on hell on earth and suicidal difficulties but I right now I'm trying to do all the maps on normal long and then progressing up just because that's how I am but I may have to skip that because usually normal mode attracts the idiots. 
So I'm doing Westlondon and I get in on Wave 2 with a full team and it turns out they're using the strategy of hiding behind the big metal gate by the police station. I notice that they aren't closing the back doors though and they actually almost all died because they didn't weld the metal door and it just kept opening and they kept mashing E, or whatever they have mapped, to close the door rather than shooting whats hitting them. 
I get in and I lock the two back doors and then the front one and I advise everyone to stand up front as to avoid the enemies possibly coming from behind. 
Our group make up has 3 Support guys, a Sharpshooter, a Commando and Medic. 
The Medic doesn't have an MP7 and has a flamethrower for some reason. 
The other support guys and the shooter are just fine. 
but the commando is completely tard, guy would run up to the gate and he would throw a grenade and he'd kill himself and claim he didn't throw the grenade when we can clearly see that it said he blew up. So he drops his SCAR and someone picks it up and then a river of bitching about getting it back ensues even though he is dead and there are still 80 enemies in the wave left. So finally he gets his stupid gun back and the next wave we go back and guess what he does. He kills himself again. So next wave he decides he is going to switch to medic. Why? Who knows not like you need two. So at least he grabs himself an mp7. The thing about this though is it turns out he doesn't know how to heal with it, and we explain that he has to use his alternate fire for it (usually it's middle mouse) and he can't comprehend it so he bitches about not knowing how to use it. Finally he learns how to use it and then manages to kill himself once again. 
In the end we end up finishing it out, but golly we shouldn't have. I wanted to slap myself for being in that game.


I created a 90s blog

Thisis90s.tumblr.com check it out, follow me on it if you like. Submit images from the 90s it doesn't matter can be games, fashion, your house in the 90s, don't matter to me just have it be 90s.


Just bought the first two DLC Packs for Borderlands

I  just bought Dr. Zed's Zombie Island (or however it is titled) and the Underdome DLC add-on today. 
I've only gotten to play through the first one, Dr. Zed's, but I really enjoyed it.
I really enjoyed the tone, atmosphere and presentation of this add-on. While I didn't find myself scared or anything or threatened to go around a corner I really enjoyed the creepiness of the whole level. I really dug the choice in colors, the forestry and the old American Haunted house look of the buildings throughout the level. I liked the little touches of the jack-o-lanterns as well if I was a kid I would have felt a little more threatened. The only thing I could hope for would be that they could've made the maps a little bit more darker but it is a comic styled game so the brightness kept that flavor intact and didn't detach itself away from the vanilla title. The music was pretty good it really kind of captured the whole idea of being alone (for the most part) pretty well. 
I'll start the Underdome tomorrow.
What are your thoughts on these Borderlands DLCs? Like em? Hate em? Why?


Borderlands easier on 360 vs. PC?

So I own Borderlands on both PC and 360 and I recently played the game through on 360 and the game felt noticeably easier, I'm no PC FPS slouch either . I even turned the aim-assist off and the game felt easier. The AI felt dumber and I even feel like I was dealing with less enemies. I even managed to attain over 10 Orange Quality weapons, I call them legendary weapons (World of Warcraft) opposed to the 1 I got in my playthrough on PC. 
On PC I played as Roland (Soldier) and on the 360 I played through as Lilith (Siren) though I don't really think it was a class thing to be honest. I barely used the Phasewalking ability compared to the Sentry Gun with the Soldier. 
The one thing I can say though that was easier on the PC was using the Runner but that's more or less a control thing. I could've changed the sensitivity I supposed.
I'm not sure if there is in fact any difference in these things between the two versions but my play through on the 360 sure felt like it.  
Has anyone experienced that with this game or any other game?


Curious to see MK9 at MLG

I want to see the skill level of the "MLG" players and hopefully maybe see some of the fighting game community guys there like the guys from TestYourMight.com or Justin Wong, Tom Brady, Floe, LI Joe, and etc. so that I they can be compared to the Fighting Game community players. Should be interesting.


Thinking about going serious in Fighting Games.

So as a kid I grew up on Fighting Games, I never really took them to seriously ever. I did at one point start to get pretty good at Capcom vs. SNK 2, King of Fighters 98' and 2002 but mostly it was just casual play on PS2 and on occasion an Arcade Cabinet at the mall or in Mexico around the neighborhood. 
I've played a lot of other Fighting Games in past but usually just going up against the CPU and never really delving into the meta game because I don't have anyone to play with.  
Recently I've been watching a lot of streams of high end tournaments, courtesy of Level Up Live and TeamSp00ky; just checking stuff out at CrossCounterTV, SRK (Shoryuken) and it's been getting me itchy about playing fighters again.
I had a Hori 6 button stick for my Xbox 360 which I used to play SSF4 and Mortal Kombat 9 for a little while before it broke because it was a shitty stick so this has set me back a bit for now as far as practicing because 360 Pad is garbage for fighters and I'm garbage at pads even if I decided to switch to the PS3, so I'm going to invest into a Mad Catz TE stick, it's an 8 button stick which will be perfect and they're pretty sturdy sticks I got to play around with one at a FRY's Electronics near by because they have a set up for MvC3 there. 
So hopefully I can net myself a TE stick soon, get SSF4: AE, MvC3 and soon Street Fighter 3rd Strike Online and go to work. Also I hope I can find out more about my local fighting game scene and get in touch with those guys and actually learn more meta game stuff and have real competition. 
Online does not cut it. I quit playing Mortal Kombat because the online is garbage and the friends I have that play it won't play with me because they play the game for fun and I'm too serious about it. Which is dumb because why the fuck should I just sit there and let them beat me? I play with characters I don't know how to use and still win and they cry. It's not my fault I am the only one out of our group that actually played more than one fighting game.


I value and respect differing opinions but...

What sort of grinds my gears is when people just say something like Wind Waker is better than Ocarina of Time. I want to know why you think that. What good does it do you to have an opinion that you don't even have a grasp on as to why you have that opinion.