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I mean, I understand Petit's struggles and the harsh comments she has to deal with. But what do either she or her employer expect the Internet's reaction to be when they place a transexual in charge of a Grand Theft Auto review and then have her mention the game's lack of political correctness repeatedly in the review? I mean, it almost seems like they were just trolling for a reaction.


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Oh my God. Rest in peace, Ryan Davis.

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Man, this is so sad. Fun to have Rorie on, but still.. Dave : (

Good luck with everything, duder.

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@winternet: @bisonhero: @bigjeffrey: Alright, I reordered the names to match the images. I had, as @bisonhero assumed, ordered the names by podcast tenure (or something like that anyway) but straight up names-to-faces does seem to work better. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah, wow. This is just too good!

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It's a shame they put stuff like ME3 on the top 10 list rather than FTL or Hotline Miami. Other than that, love you guys.

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Big Rigs 24/7.

Edit: And yeah: Yay, more videos of Alex!

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Jesus Christ, guys. YouTube comments.

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This is awesome! Good job, duder.

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I smoke, but try to be respectful towards non-smokers around me.