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They can be nice.

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Yes! No more deadlocks like Arkham Asylum v. Uncharted 2.

That shit went on forever, but Ryan got them to make the right call in the end.

I see that by right, you mean wrong..

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Presence of Patrick should change the dynamics of the discussions this year, as 2 v 2 arguments are no more a possibility.

Yes! No more deadlocks like Arkham Asylum v. Uncharted 2.

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Today and yesterday have been absolutely absurd in terms of speed. Weird, as it doesn't seem to be on my end so I think we have the same problem.

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I'll just say that I'm happy I live in Europe.

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On the 360 I have, with one or two hard locks as an exception, had no problems. Puh.

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Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games this generation, but it just doesn't seem to be the game for you, dude.

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Get out while you can!! (Just kidding, welcome.)

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are you sure it was Alex? Lots of ppl in San Fran have those hipster douchbag beards. :D

Why post this? Like, what does it bring to the table?

For my own amusement. The fuck do you care? It is pretty much in tone of the whole topic, not like I ruined a serious debate you were having.

It is not as if I am even an Alex hater, I like him, but he and all his friends know he has a silly hipster hockey-puck beard.

All the "I hate Alex/Patrick/w/e WAAAAH" has just started to become really grating, that's all.

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A lot of Mac users seem to care about image, at least at my university it seems that every law or economics (here considered to be the "posh" majors) student has a Macbook whereas the sciences dudes have regular ass laptops from Asus or whatever. (I have an Air, 'cus it's the best.)