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I like the Run-DMC version better.

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I'll probably add this to my achievement sites, but I like A360P and X360A more as they are both more established. I like A360P's layout and how they organize their achievement lists, but I like X360A's forums and achievement guides better.

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LightYagami245 said:
"Did they say why they set it at that price?
They didn't. Look at bennyishere's post.
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I bought Soul Calibur II for the original Xbox and the arcade version on Live back when it came out.

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Gamertag = El Connro

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A Crackdown sequel would be a day one purchase for me, but unfortunately, if there is one, it doesn't seem like it will be made by the original developers. :(

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Joystiq, Xbox 360 Fanboy, IGN, Giant Bomb, GS, MyGamerCard.net, 360 Voice, Achieve 360 Points, Xbox360Achievements.org, and a bunch of webcomics that I don't feel like listing.

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Weezer's inclusion in GH3 and Rock Band helped me get into all of their music. I like Queens of the Stone Age, too. There are a ton of individual songs I love from all of these rhythm games, but just don't like the artists other work or just haven't listened to their other stuff yet.

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I hope it isn't like the original GTA games with the 2D, since I can't really play those anymore after experiencing the 3D GTA games. It might like the mini-game in Liberty City Stories that was a parody of Smash TV, where the graphics were the same, but it was sort of above-head, and the camera was at like a 45 degree angle from the ground. That would be fine with me.

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What I'm wondering is if the Guitar Hero: Metallica game is going to be like this one, in which you can only play guitar and bass/rhythm, or like World Tour, with drums and vocals also, since the game is coming out after World Tour. Does anybody know, because I haven't heard anything about it?