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Depends what I'm playing really. Single player? Water or 7UP will do me just fine. Multiplayer with a few mates? Definitely Beer :)

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Timesplitters2 and RE Zero on Gamecube. RE 2 and 3 on Dreamcast.

They seem pretty hard to come by these days

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Personally I'm enjoying this game more than I have done any other DMC game. The storyline is entertaining and filled with great characters (a first for a DMC game), the combat is still very progressive and rock solid, while the level designs stand as probably the best I've ever seen in a game.

The whole thing just feels far more approachable I guess, making for a game you can just jump into and start having fun, regardless of skill - as opposed to DMC 1 and 3, which were just brutal for newcomers.

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BLOPS2 at the moment... and now DmC

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Resident Evil Revelations. I know that sounds silly given what a huge franchise it is but I was expecting it to be nothing more than a naff side-project but it ended up being my favourite RE game ever (apart from the GC remake of course).

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I was planning on picking it up after a price drop but, after playing the demo, I rushed out and bought it that day. Really enjoying it so far. Solid combat, nice visuals and the story seems interesting. Hopefully it keeps me busy until Rayman Legends, Tomb Raider and MH3 release in March.

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Cheating a bit but I found the last hour or so of Catherine to be particularly excellent.

Other than that I would say Red Dead Redemption is the best ending I've seen in quite some time. Spec Ops was good too.

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Played a bit at the Eurogamer Expo last year and it was quite fun. Not really my sort of game truth be told but, given the £18 price tag, I'll gladly support Platinum Games as they are one of my favourite developers :)

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I get bored with games quickly so typically I play on Easy or Normal difficulty. Guitar Hero and Uncharted are two exceptions, both of which I always play on the highest difficulty.

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For the most part I go for a nice mix. Personally I prefer games like Final Fantasy where you play as multiple characters so I don't get bored.