Deadly Premonition

I know there's a big divide between people who really enjoy and (not to sound pretentious) 'get' this game, and people who think it's shit so there's not much point gushing about its flaws or merits, but I'd like to put myself down squarely on the side of people who are in love with Deadly Premonition.  Coming from a household where my father had shown me Plan 9 From Outer Space a dozen times by the 6th grade, I'm dumbfounded by the level of camp and (hopefully) self-awareness, awkward though it may be, that exists in the game.  Even if none of this was intentional, I'm finding it a really funny and enjoyable experience.  Obviously the driving and shooting is a tedious and sloppy chore, but every game has its drawbacks.
I'd recommend playing it with a fifth at your side, preferably cheap whiskey.