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Yo @acura_max, you free this weekend to knock out our matches?

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The features feed (http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/feed/mobile/8/) and the subscriber feed (http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/feed/mobile/10/) each have only one video in them.

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@acura_max, first of thy name! I challenge you, on evenings or this weekend. Whatever works best for thee. Please be gentle.

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@c0v3rt said:

Ideas for next scrub league include double elimination and/or having a no legendaries/epics. Any other ideas?

I'd like to see the earlier rounds go best of 5. As one player said earlier, if you're going to put together 3 decks you want the chance to use them.

I don't have lots of epics/legendaries, but I'm not super keen on banning them from the tournament either. I think we'll see fewer classes and less variety, since some classes rely on a key epic card or two, even to build cheaper decks.

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Class breakdown of tournament teams:

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And representing my bracket...

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Shit's gonna get real now.

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Oh wow, I wouldn't have guessed that from the initial rules description. Since this is a scrub league, you may want to post that up top to avoid chaos in some of the first-round matchups.