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This is my first tournament, so I want to make sure I understand the rules.

Say I am playing 3 decks: Priest, Warrior, Rogue. I choose Priest, and my opponent selects Paladin. His Paladin beats my Priest deck, then my Warrior deck, and then my Rogue deck.

We have now completed one round, and we do the whole thing again until someone has won best of 3 rounds?

And in subsequent rounds, we can play our decks in a different order if we choose?

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This sounds like a lot of fun.

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RSS feeds are still unavailable.

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Thanks, Rorie, I will follow up with Support.

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Guys, I recently renewed my subscription, and I'd like to be able to get my podcasts. Is there another support contact for premium members?

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In the last day or so, my podcast RSS feeds stopped loading into iTunes. I keep getting this authentication prompt, and entering my site password does nothing.

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XBox 360

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XBOX 360

My Social Club ID is Electric_Zen


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I like overfunding Anita's Kickstarter because she makes the haters cry like da babeez.

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I love Drew, but the Bombcast has been effective by maintaining a balance between the high-energy guys (Ryan, Jeff, Patrick) and the low-energy guys (Vinny, Brad, Drew). Right now, the balance is out of wack.