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BBC coverage has been fantastic. 24 channels added to Sky today showing nothing but the Olympic events live. Basically watch whatever you want.

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I reviewed Spec Ops: The Line.

Also, while I'm here, does anyone know how to recommend stuff for the community highlights on the main page? I used to send stuff to the interns on the old Whiskey Media e-mail but obviously that's now defunct.

That would be Marino.

Cheers duder!

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I reviewed Spec Ops: The Line.

Also, while I'm here, does anyone know how to recommend stuff for the community highlights on the main page? I used to send stuff to the interns on the old Whiskey Media e-mail but obviously that's now defunct.

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  • Chopped off the duder's leg,
  • Gave food to the kids, Mark and Larry to get Lilly on my side. Tried to give some to Carley before Mark but she wasn't having any of it.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene since I wanted to hear what she had to say.
  • Failed to warn Clem. Apparently shouting "It's people!" wasn't good enough.
  • I sided with Lilly so Kenny killed Larry. Thought they actually did a good job of humanizing Larry a bit more in this episode and showing he has some good qualities, even if he'll always be a dick to you. Plus I'm not in the habit of murdering people just yet.
  • Though I did kill the first brother! Guy had it coming with his weird gun fetish and the fact HE'S A FUCKING CANNIBAL! Their mum died and I left the other brother alive since Clem didn't need to see me murder anyone else. He got what was coming anyway.
  • Took the food since who would leave it? Survival above all else, even if I felt bad about disappointing Clem.

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So far in the two episodes I have sided with Kenny on pretty much everything, At the beginning of the episode I thought Mark could be in our two man wolf pack but obviously that didnt turn out well, Did anybody NOT go to the dairy farm?, or cut the guys leg off?, im curious to see what would happen.

I had the whole saves-not-carrying-over-glitch when I first started so I played that first scene before restarting it once I found a work-a-round. The first time I didn't manage to cut the guys leg off in time so he was left there to die. The guy who gets eaten if you save him instead goes for Kenny's gun and is accidentally shot in the gut so you take him back to the motel instead. I imagine things play out the same from there with him becoming a zombie rather than the other guy.

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There's a fix that worked for me and a few others on the Telltale forums. This has been extremely frustrating but the chapter is worth the wait.

The game stores a "prefs.prop" in two places. One in:
C:\Users\___\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead
And the other in:
D:\STEAM\steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default
Or if you don't have the Steam version, its somewhere in your game DIR.
Do backups before overwriting anything.
Copy the prefs.prop file from your game's DIR folders, and overwrite it in your Documents\TTG\TWD folder
Go in game and load the save game with your finished EP1. Switch to EP2 in the chapter select and run it.
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@ChadMasterFlash: Loaded the right one. You can even look at your stats for episode one where it clearly states which choices you made.

It's a common issue as evidenced by the four page thread on the Telltale forums. Telltale are currently trying to figure out what's going wrong so hopefully a fix is imminent.

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Just started playing and I have the exact same issue as you. I kept Carley alive and yet Doug is alive here, despite the stats saying otherwise. And since starting episode two all of my other save games have disappeared so there's no way of going back.

This is extremely frustrating considering how much of an impact your choices can have across all five epsidoes, and in only the second episode a pretty major choice has been altered. How do I know the rest of my choices aren't the same?

I'm playing on PC as well.

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I have quite a few.

They only seem to be really seen if they're featured on the main page, and since the shift to CBSi I don't know how to recommend stuff any more.

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I've really enjoyed Secret Code so far. It might not get the masses of views something crammed with AAA games might get, but it's much more valuable since a lot of indie games can be quite hard to come by. Take Monaco for instance; I had, perhaps surprisingly, never heard of it before seeing it on Secret Code, and now I'm genuinely excited for it. Sure, leading up to its imminent release there might be more promotional material popping up to garner interest but Secret Code offers a more long-form look that's informative, entertaining and funny: a perfect combination for a video series.

Anyway, I'm glad to see it doing well and look forward to future instalments.

And I will also add my obligatory "C'mon the Arsenal" chant to earn some additional points!

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Not a video game but had to be done: