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Because "Explosion Man" just sounds dumb. 0

A few levels into ‘Splosion Man you’ll find a rather large scientist with a particular fondness for doughnuts. Upon picking him up and using him as your own human shield, an original song about doughnuts, and how much everybody loves them, begins to play that could very easily rival the greatness of Portal’s galvanizing hit, Still Alive. This is just one example of one of the many moments in Twisted Pixel’s ‘Splosion Man that will bring a massive smile to your face; along with many that will tur...

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So you want to be a pirate, eh? You look more like a flooring ins 0

It might be hard to grasp but back in the ’90s LucasArts were at the forefront of the adventure game genre. They may not have always received the commercial success they deserved, but critically, and amongst fans, LucasArts created some of the greatest games to ever grace the genre. The puzzles were inventive, challenging and quirky, and the writing was of another level; hilarious, witty and with plenty of heart and honesty. There was rarely a negative aspect leveled at the classic point and cli...

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No leg humping or wrecking balls in sight. Phew. 0

Less than meets in the eye - a phrase that could easily be applied to the first video game tie-in to Michael Bay’s action-heavy robot opus, Transformers. It was a lesson in mediocrity, and as such, a new developer has been handed the reigns to the sequel in a bid to make giant transforming robots fun again. How hard can it be? In truth, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a much more focused project than it’s movie counterpart. While the film struggles to find its tone, the game firmly knows...

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Getting better with every round. 0

Back when this gen was next-gen, Fight Night Round 3 shocked and awed everyone with its graphical prowess. It was the first game to truly show what the current batch of consoles were capable of, and anyone with a HDTV lapped it up just to flaunt to their friends (and anyone that happened to be in the vicinity). It was a power horse for the next-generation, showcasing fluid animations, fantastic lightning effects and all the slow motion sweat and blood anyone could ever need. Of course it was hel...

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Bustin' still makes me feel good! 0

Twenty five years ago one film sent both children and adults into hysterics. It had scares, laughs, memorable characters and a gigantic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; it was everything anyone could ever want from an epic comedy, fully cementing itself as one of the all-time classics of modern cinema. Developers Terminal Reality are faced with the tricky task of creating a product to live up to the name so many adore, and after a bout of development limbo, it’s finally here to create mass hysteria am...

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Oraganic Destruction 0

First things first: Prototype and InFamous are completely different games. On the surface they look similar, and sure they both came out around the same time leading to many, many arguments on forum boards over which one is better; but I’m here to preach the truth and tell you that they couldn’t be further apart in terms of gameplay mechanics, powers, visuals and so forth. InFamous focuses more on shooting - with long-range lightning zaps - and great platforming mechanics, whereas Prototype is m...

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Planes, boats and submarines. 0

2007’s Battlestations: Midway was a rare breed of game, combing both heavy strategy and action on a grand scale as it tackled WWII naval and air combat in one package. It was definitely a complicated game, featuring an opening tutorial that took around an hour to complete; a daunting task for any first-timers to the genre. Its sequel, Battlestations: Pacific has heard the criticisms and gone back to the drawing board to create a much more streamlined and accessible game, stripping away some of t...

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It’s been a long time coming, Spencer. Was it worth the wait? 0

The original console version of Bionic Commando, released on the NES in 1988, presented a completely new way to play the classic side-scrolling action game; replacing the jump button with a unique bionic arm. Rather than leap across hazardous gaps and pitfalls, players were required to use the arm to swing and climb through the levels, as it was implemented in many different ways to tackle certain situations, enemies and boss fights. It may have taken some getting used to, but once players becam...

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You better read this or I'll rip your damn head off, bub! 0

With summer comes the hot weather; a time for holidays with family and friends, playing sports down at the local park and relaxing with an ice cold drink by your side. Ironically enough, it’s also the time when most of us travel down to the hot, sweaty confines of the local cinema, as Hollywood assaults our viewing tendencies with myriad big-budget blockbusters spread out across the entire season. Of course this is enjoyable, but these summer blockbusters bring with them rushed and generally poo...

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*Insert generic Star Wars quote here* 0

Star Wars - one of the most beloved franchises ever - has been treated to its fair share of good and bad games. The Jedi Knight series best captured what it’s like to wield the power of the Force but LucasArts’ latest title, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, looks to show you what the Force is really capable of. With brand new technology under its belt and a tie to the movies, the hype machine has certainly been rolling. But does it succeed? If the first level is anything to go by, then yes. You s...

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Kill me, kill me now! 0

Golden Axe is one of the most beloved video game franchises in history. Its simple hack and slash gameplay has inspired countless other titles, and it’s regarded as an all-time classic. So it pains me to say it but the latest instalment in the series, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, is a severe disappointment. It starts off with the combat, which is mediocre at best. You have two attack manoeuvres: powerful and fast; neither of them are particularly exciting, and the combos are pretty boring and ultim...

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No scientology in sight 0

I’ve always thought the Need For Speed series is at its best when dealing with the boys in blue. Most Wanted was the last time we tackled the law, and since then the franchise has moved off into other directions, trying to diversify things. Now we come to Need For Speed: Undercover, and as the name suggests you’re back behind enemy lines, dealing with both the police and street racers in a story-driven, open-world, racing extravaganza. Just like Most Wanted the story is told via cut scenes feat...

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Just hit it with a wrench! 0

Banjo and Kazooie have gotten lazy over the years. In their prime they were the top tandem of platforming, but now all they do is lounge around eating junk food, playing video games and getting fat. I suppose in some ways the platforming genre has taken the same lethargic path, and so Rare are looking to crank things up a gear, get their duo back in shape and change platforming as we know it. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is the first Banjo game in eight years, and since then a lot has change...

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Bust out the tasty jams 0

This may seem a little abrupt but I want to start this review by talking about the instruments you’ll receive with Guitar Hero: World Tour, the fourth instalment in the ever growing music franchise. Their quality won’t come into the final score in any shape or form since they aren’t necessarily required to play the game - if you wanted you could use the Rock Band instruments or any of the guitars from previous Guitar Hero titles - I just figured it was common courtesy to at least tell you about ...

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The science of mediocrity 0

It’s safe to say that I’m quite a Hellboy fan. The world created in the two movies is fantastic, and I just love the character - even taking the time to dabble in the comic books. Hellboy: The Science of Evil dips in to both these mediums, creating a universe more suited to the comics whilst also borrowing elements from the films. Sadly, it fails to live up to the name, descending to a place far worse than hell itself… mediocrity. There’s not really much of a story to talk about. You’re basical...

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Old school pain 0

Your knuckles are bloodied and bruised, there’s broken glass littering the floor; people are screaming, including yourself. Is this the scene of an unfortunate bar fight? No, I‘m afraid not. Because those knuckles are in agonising pain from where you punched the wall in furious anger; and the broken glass covering your room is actually from your expensive HDTV that, in a split-second of madness, you decided to throw your 360 controller straight into. No, this is not the aftermath of drunken, hu...

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Reviews for all three pieces of DLC 0

Operation: AnchorageFallout 3 was one of the best games of 2008. Even after eighty hours of play it’s a difficult task to find everything there is to do in the Capital Wasteland, so it’s nice to see Bethesda are working on downloadable content to extend the playtime even further. Operation: Anchorage is the first of three packs of DLC being released over the next few months, and it takes the game in a distinctive, new direction. But is that a good thing? Especially if you’re going to be spending...

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You'd definitely hear me scream in space 0

EA has decided to buck the trend this year; a company so used to spewing out sequels is now concentrating on starting new franchises, and EA Redwood Shores latest, Dead Space, has all the ingredients to become another big hit. With an animated comic book and animated movie already released, the markers have been firmly set; now it’s time for the game to deliver. So far, it’s on the right track. So few survival horror games throw you into space to fight aliens, that’s normally action territory; a...

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Heading back to war 0

Activision have such fun releasing sequels each year that they’ve even coined their own term for it, annualisation. Shocking, I know; but because of this, development on Call of Duty has been split between both Infinity Ward and Treyarch, allowing for a two year development time for each team. Infinity Ward had massive success with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare last year, so now it’s time for Treyarch to step up and deliver after the disappointing Call of Duty 3 two years ago. Enter Call of Dut...

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Totally rad, dude 0

For years the Tony Hawk franchise was the king of skateboarding games. With a plethora of titles spread across every platform available, and no competition in sight, it seemed as though its dominance would keep spreading for years to come. But competition is healthy; developers can no longer sit on their laurels and continue to spew out sequels year after year; they need to innovate and push the genre to its limits to keep the crowds coming in. EA Black Box did just that with their 2007 title, S...

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Blossoming onto the PSN 0

Flower opens up to a vast concrete jungle; giant, steel skyscrapers tower overhead, while massive cranes continue to build upon this ever expanding man-made metropolis. At ground level cars bustle by to the hasty speed of city life, and the only sound to be heard is that of thunderous construction work and the power of a V8 engine. For many it will evoke emotions of stress - a disrupter of peace and relaxation. A stark contrast to everything Flower is. It may take place in this dark, gloomy, co...

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The decline continues 0

From videogame icon to faltering, gimmicky, uninspired mess; Sonic has had it rough since the jump to 3D. He’s got his head in the gutter, disgraced, with few fans left - it doesn’t look good. The last iteration, Sonic: Unleashed, provided a glimse of hope in these dark days with its day sections offering everything Sonic should be; fast and exciting - an exhilarating thrill ride, to say the least. But when the sun went down the werehog cropped up and ruined everything with its clunky combat and...

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A blast from the past! 0

Ah, the WWF; I have some fond memories of the World Wrestling Federation, back in the day before that panda got involved and it was re-branded the WWE. Back when lunchtime at school consisted of holding wrestling tournaments and upsetting the teachers. Back before the majority of us grew out of watching sweaty men in leotards fight each other for a ‘golden’ belt and The Rock jumped over to the world of film and the subsequent release of a not-so-great Doom movie. Yep, those were the good old day...

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Metal Up Your Ass 0

With more Guitar Hero games than Metallica albums, the Hall of Fame inductees are long overdue their own plastic-instrument-rock-a-thon. Activison took a little bit of a holier than thou approach with their only other single-band title, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith; so fans of the biggest metal act in the world will be hoping this isn’t just another cash-cow and provides a product worthy of the band and the full whack price tag. From the get-go it’s clear to see that a lot of effort has been put in t...

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