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Well done sir.  Your animation does exactly what animation should do: makes the jokes even funnier.

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Not really.  I find music criticism to be much too aggrivating.  Also, people tend to be especially pompous when it comes to music.  Many forum threads would devolve into arguments about how there is no good music anymore and how hipsters and their skinny jeans are destroying the world (which they may well be, by the way).  

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What a fantastic idea.  I hope they do something with it.

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How terribly lugubrious that Kratos fellow is...

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Given your fondness for the blues, I can heartily recommend the following album:  Safe As Milk.  I picked it up on impulse recently after finding out Captain Beefheart was Matt Groening's favourite musician.  I haven't yet progressed through his discography, which I'm given to believe becomes incredibly esoteric and strange, but I certainly plan on doing so.  This is probably one of the more immediately enjoyable tracks on the album. 
Additionally, I'd like to say that though I do not always comment on your blogs, I do always read them.  I know it must be irritating to perceive a lack of appreciation from your readership.  

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Far Cry 2 has some very strange voice acting.  I wouldn't exactly call it bad, but I do remember being rather baffled by it.  Everyone seemed to be speaking very quickly.  Although maybe I'm misremembering; it was a while ago that I played it. 
Anyway, you have an interesting perspective on it.  The game never affected me emotionally.  I guess it just depends on the approach you take.  

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It's all downhill from there, my friend.  Or at least that's the word on the street.  I'm only 17, and therefore, as I'm well aware, no nothing about anything.

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I bought FFVII on PSN before Christmas.  I haven't played it yet.  I will though, mark my words.
It does look very old.  At no point in the process could anyone have really believed those things sticking out of his torso resembled arms.

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Nice work.  I feel ill whenever I play Half Life on the PC.  Not because of some intense hatred of the game or anything, it just gives me motion sickness. I've made a number of attempts at playing it, only to give up each time.  I eventually watched a speed-run on youtube.

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Getting a time in the top 500 on the leaderboards was a proud moment for me.  It made spending time crafting vehicles seem worthwhile.