MicroComments #2

With Defend Your Castle being my only purchase on the Wii in a while, it's easy to see why everything I've written about is all to do with the Xbox 360. C'mon, Nintendo. Pick up your game on WiiWare and Virtual Console already!


I have access to my friend's copies of Dynasty Warriors 6, Devil May Cry 4, Phantasy Star Universe and more, but the only reason I want to play these titles is because I want the points.

I don't consider myself one to play crappy games for points, but now I'm having conflicting thoughts.

Should I really start going down this dirty path of playing games solely for their achievements? What have I become?

It's a good thing I've bought some new games lately, otherwise my standards may have dropped to a new low already.

The Fable Train

Back in June I created a topic on GameSpot titled "Are Sequels Keeping You Out Of The Loop?" and used Fable II as an example of a game that I don't really feel welcome playing because I didn't play the original.

All this Fable II hype has made me feel so bad about not playing the first one that I ended up actually purchasing Fable: The Lost Chapters off eBay for a whopping AU$38. It is cheap by eBay Fable standards, but compared to the 1200MSP Xbox Original I could've downloaded it is a big difference.

It's my goal to finish Fable and clean up on Fable II Pub Games before Fable II releases, but I don't have much time. Even as I write this I'm not expecting Fable: TLC to arrive in the mail for several days.

I just don't want to be alone!

War On Geometry: elektrixxx Evolved

The last time I wrote my experiences with Geometry Wars I went on about how terrible I was and embarrassed myself in the process. Since then, with the help of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 I have improved significantly. In GW2 I have unlocked every achievement with the exception of two from the "Sequence" game mode.

The odd thing is that I still suck at the first Retro Evolved! With two attempts, my games ended at 8,000 and 24,000. I thought going back to the original would open up a new outlet for achievements, but unfortunately that will never be.

Also, only three other people on my list have this game. That's much less than the previous Geometry Wars game. What's the go?

Speaking of games that I suck at...

SoulCXliYur a.k.a Soul Uncalibrated

SoulCalibur IV is the first traditional fighting game I've ever bought. With the Super Smash Bros. series being the only fighting games I've ever purchased it's a weird new world of gaming for me for the following reasons:

- Boobs work better than actual armour, or clothes for that matter

- Boobs are so big and important that they need the Havoc physics engine to contain them

- You're entering the Konami code over and over again to do moves

- In order to read the move list you have to write new letters over your buttons with a permanent marker

A is X and B is Y? Why the hell did they do that for? "K" is not a button, you idiots! Why complicate things? Just tell me what button it really is, okay?!

This fighting game thing is proving to be very frustrating for me, but once again I don't want to get left out of the hype. I need something to prepare me for the Street Fighter games.

Blogger's Block

I've been trying to write an intelligent, lengthy entry about downloadable content and it's effects, but I just can't put my sentences together. I guess unless it's some sort of ranting innuendo filled nonsense it's too difficult for me!

If I had written about Ivy's breasts instead I would've finished off by now.

Finished off writing, that is.