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Thanks for the hard work and harder laughs mate.

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I'm trying to edit this specific list:


I can change the title fine, but when I swap #3 and #2 around it gives the saving popup, says list completed at the top and then loads this page!


When I return to the list, no changes have been saved. I've edited other lists since the site launch with no issues (except it still says I have 14 unread messages when I really don't).

Windows 8 Pro

Chrome 25.0.1364.97 m (in desktop mode)

[edit] Maybe it's related to the "15978" at the end of the links.

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The issue has since resolved itself.

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I get this:

Other videos test OK.

Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m
Windows 8

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Thanks mate. I've listened to all your gaming podcasts and all your Adam Corolla collections as well. Thanks heaps for your hard work mashing it all up.

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I've tried downloading large files (~1GB) in the past few days but they've dropped out at around the 80% mark.
I use a download manager and it makes four connections at once to download it. Does this cause the issue?
I'm in Australia and stuff takes ages to download because I download at 160kb/sec. Does this cause the issue?

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I can't figure out the first two from You Had Me At Hello... unless it's bugged out.

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I would REALLY like to be able to change my username, but I'm too invested in this account to sign up again. I would pay for that alone.
I don't know if this has been clarified, but for the subscription, would we be subscribing to an individual site or for Whiskey?

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I've got a bad feeling about Fable III. It seems to lack improvements from Fable II, the most important being the constant slowdown.

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@icyroy05 said:

" Wendy's is the real fast food for kings. "

Over here Wendy's is an unrelated ice-cream parlor franchise...
I could go a sherbert cone right now.