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@gaspower: Yeah there's quite a few questions that I'm not happy with the more I've looked at them and the more feedback i've got from them. I appreciate any thoughtful feedback like that because it means I can talk about it in the finished project.

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I got so many more responses to that than I was expecting and now I need to start crunching all the data you guys have provided, you're an incredible bunch and much love to all of you. Can't thank you enough for taking the time out of your days to help me out!


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@kaiserreich: Damn I knew I'd miss one, thanks for pointing it out.

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@a_e_martin: Yeah that wasn't a question I was particularly happy with myself to be honest, I wanted to get an idea of whether you are just naturally drawn to characters of a specific gender. There was originally going to be a third option for "I don't know" or "It doesn't matter" something like that but my tutor wanted me to take it out of there because he thinks if you give someone any easy option like that in a survey then they will always choose it. I would have preferred to be able to flesh that question out more but due to the limitations on survey monkey I just decided to try and keep it simple.

Massive thanks to everyone who has filled this in so far, you're all incredible. I've had another 40 people fill it in today, I'm not sure if it's all people from here but seriously thanks alot. Please keep any criticism of the questions coming as well, the more I get the more I have to think about for my final report. BIG LOVE TO Y'ALL.

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@believer258: Aye yeah the immersive question was just to try and get a broad idea of what genre's people generally find themselves more drawn into, I would like to flesh it out a little more but I thought if I kept just to the genres it would make it easier for more casual gamers to understand what I'm getting at.

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Hey duders,

For one of my modules this semester I have research project to do, I've chosen to research "How important is storytelling in video games". I need as many people as possible to help me get as much data as possible by filling in this 10 minute survey I've created. This isn't just for people who play video games regularly, even if you just play something every now and then just give it a look over and see if you can answer all of the questions.

If you want to send me some feedback then feel free to message me with any suggestions.

Cheers peeps and I really appreciate any time you take out of your day to help me out.


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I requested an invite to the 360 group, my Rockstar ID is ElGibbons and my gamertag is El Gibbons. Consistent.

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Hey guy's, I'm not great at fighting games but I really enjoyed the last MK game and I'm a big fan of DC characters.

Platform: Xbox 360

Gamertag: El Gibbons

Location: Manchester, England.

Looking forward to having some fights with any of you.

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I've been wanting to play EVE for a pretty long time and hearing it mentioned on the GiantBombcast tipped me over the edge so I would be very interested in a GB Corp.

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Hey, I just sent a request in game. My gamertag is El Gibbons.