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I feel so sad whenever I see this, however I still can't help but smile at how happy they all look. RIP, man. I still and will always miss you.

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I listened to the new Pixies album, Indie Cindy, and while it's by no means Surfer Rosa-caliber....it's still a pretty solid listen. Have any of you checked it out? Do you agree with all the hate it's garnered? And yes, I miss Kim Deal just as much as anyone else.

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I loved Patrick on G4TV.com's Feedback, so when he joined Giant Bomb back in 2011, that was a welcome addition in my book. I've paid attention to the Giant Bomb guys since 2006 when they worked at GameSpot and was thrilled one of my favorite video game newsmen joined their crew.

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When Ryan ran it he kept it fairly short

Haha dude, they were not shorter when the late Ryan Davis was host. Especially toward the end of his run.

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I finally got mine in the mail yesterday and framed it this afternoon. It's pretty cool!

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I'm Eli and obviously I made my account very early since I was able to use my first name as my screenname.

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Does no one know?

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I'm standing my PS4 next to my TV vertically, but the catch is, the "PS" logo is upside down rather than rightside up...contrary to all the pics of vertical PS4s I've seen :


(Image the vertical picture above with the "Sony" logo on bottom rather than on top.)

Is this incorrect and/or known to cause any problems? It has to stand that way for me to properly load discs. But even with that, should it sit horizontally?

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@eli: When you hold the PlayStation button, it gives the option to go into Standby or Power Off. There really isn't a reason to use Standby yet, but nothing bad happens when it is on.

Thanks for the help, guys! =)

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  • Blue - Powering on
  • White - On
  • Yellow - Standby
  • Red - Overheating

Cool, thanks!