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Just saying. I don't think Jeff fits as host to be totally honest, he's the funny, smart sidekick that goes on tangent rants and they're amazing, so the man is excelling where he needs to be. But Brad has brought a certain energy, and with the addition of Dan and Jason (even Drew since he's a newer "regular") I think this show is back to the exceptional standard it initially brought in 2008. Just wanted to say I have stayed very satisfied with this show in the last year, while it is quite different. But hey, change that ends up good is still good in the end. Keep it up guys.

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As a kid I always thought I could see Rich and Jeff hosting a Late Night-type show.

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Underworld featuring Vinny Caravella

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I motherfucking love it. Thanks for the link :)

I enjoy Patton's other projects but they just don't compare to FNM. Easily one of my favourite bands of all time.

No problem, Faith No More and Tomahawk are pretty close in my mind, I adore them both (and have seen them both live).

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Hear Faith No More's First Release in 17 Years, 'Motherf---er'

I've been wanting new Faith No More material since I was a freshman in high school and now, after a 17-year hiatus, it's here in their newest single, "Motherfucker." While it's not stellar and certainly not their best work, it's a catchy tune that instills confidence their eighth album will deliver something enticing come April (after 17 years, "not sucking ass" is sufficient enough to satisfy me). On top of that, Mike Patton's voice sounds as good as ever which is promising for a 46 year-old man who has been screaming like a banshee for the past 20 years straight. However, response to the track seems somewhat polarizing and with that, what are you guys' opinions on it?

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How would you guys feel if Rorie joined the Bombast as permanent number five? I personally would love that; I always liked him as the game guides guy on GameSpot and was psyched to hear when he joined Giant Bomb almost a couple years back now. Whenever he's been a guest on the show, he has always had something interesting to add for my taste. On top of that, I was always a fan of the five person show because it kept the conversation rolling in wild directions at a constant rate. What do you guys think?

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@eli: I don't really agree with you that TV has been bad the last couple years.

Breaking Bad started in 2008

Mad Men - 2007

Parks and Recreation - 2009

How I met Your Mother - 2005

Game of Thrones - 2011

House of Cards - 2013

Justified - 2010

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 2005

Hell on Wheels - 2011

Well, I specifically said this decade. So...anything between 2005-2010 doesn't necessarily apply. That and I love Breaking Bad, It's Always Sunny and House of Cards. If I was naming exceptional seasons in 2014, I certainly would have included House of Cards Season 2.

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@eli: The Knick is a Cinemax show directed by Steven Soderbergh and staring Clive Owen. Its about a hospital in the year 1900 and the mess that was medicine at that time.

Wow, that sounds really interesting. I'll check that one out.