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Why Forza of all places? Why not EA Sports or something? He obviously seems like the sports game developer type.

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Also, flagging me would be wrong because I abided by all of Giant Bomb's forum rules writing that message.

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@Kelleth said:

" @EliasT:  What exactly do you see as ''elitists''? because we generally except everyone right away. If you mean those roleplaying groups those are normal for an RPG section just look at CV. "

That's a fuck-ton of bullshit you are spewing there, your site is filled with america hating, fucked up fetish having, elitists. Oh, and sorry for ZOMG CURSING which your site previously banned me for, fucking jerk.
If kids go to your fucking site and you are aware of it, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself, there is so much porn there it's not even funny, I'm not even joking here, if a kid wondered into that site it would scar him, I know it's supposed to be an anime database and all, but just wow.
Oh, and I say "your site" because you are a moderator there, and also, I AM TheWorstUserEver and I'm PROUD OF IT!
If one of you responds with "cool story, bro" or "U MAD??" then that means that I won.
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No, it really doesn't anymore, it's not that I dislike anime or anything, it's just that that site is run so poorly that I never want to go there. And the forums are filled with role-playing bullshit that only the most annoying of neckbeards could enjoy, and elitists, and even though there are a FEW decent posters on there, the forums are pretty much dead silent at all times anyways.
Fuck AnimeVice, it was an idea that had promise, and then the people who ran the site screwed off all of it's ambiguity promptly.

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@jadeskye said:
" @MethodMan008 said:
" Lol, I've only been to 4chan once, but I am getting mild flashbacks.  "
You havn't lived! go there NAO! "
If you ever say "nao" again, Gator's gonna have to smack a bitch.
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@Atlas said:
" @EliasT:  I completely realised the irony of the statement, but to elaborate it's not so much about comparing skill and more comparing how they feel to play against. My biggest problem with AI in a lot of fighting games is not the AI is worse than a human player but that the AI often becomes incredibly cheap at higher difficulties. I know it's not a view a lot of people share and understand, but as someone who has an appreciation for fighting games, an intrinsic dislike of online multiplayer and a complete lack of friends, I care far more about AI than other people. "
I suppose you have a point.
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@Atlas said:

" Bad AI in fighting games. I don't want to rely on multiplayer to have a good time with any game, but so many fighting games just completely fail with their AI. The only game that routinely gets it right is the Virtua Fighter series - I was also very impressed with Soul Calibur IV's AI until I got to the higher difficulty stuff which gets completely cheap and obnoxious. Street FIghter AI isn't too good either, and Tekken AI plays pretty robotically as well. Pretty much every Mortal Kombat game becomes unplayable to me because there comes a point where the AI is so unbearable. The SNK stuff on XBLA has also been pretty bad. "

Of course the AI is robotic, that's why it is called "Artificial Intelligence." It's not gonna be anywhere near the skill of a human any time soon.
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This also doesn't just have to be limited to developer mistakes, this can also extend to player mistakes.

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I think a 1 little mistake can fuck up pretty much any RPG for me (i.e. Oblivion's harsh difficulty due to the slow leveling).

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I think a 1 little mistake can fuck up pretty much any RPG for me (i.e. Oblivion's harsh difficulty due to the slow leveling).