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I can appreciate difficulty in games, but I don't get the nostalgia for old-school quarter sucking unfairness. If I fail in a challenging game I want it to be because I fucked up, not because the rng was being uncooperative.

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According to Best Buy employees I know, BB makes ~$5 when they sell a $60 game. Now I don't know who's taking a cut or where from, but if you're seriously pulling in ~$150 million each on Tomb Raider and Hitman, and you're failing to make a profit? You're doing something wrong, guys

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Between the bombcast and all the videos I've watched over the past five years, I've probably heard Ryan talk more than some of my actual, real life friends. I'm not normally the guy who feels anything over celebrity deaths-spent all of steve jobs week kind of quietly rollinng my eyes-but this...I definitely feel this.

Bye, Ryan.

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Mark me down as a ship-jumper, though I do have a PS3 I turn on a couple times a year. Hope the zeitgeist draws attention to Second Son, I really felt like Infamous 2 never got its propers.

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Shrug. Not sad to see him go, doubt anything will change. Funny that apologists are blathering about new IPs? Bashing EA for lack of creativity is so 10 years ago guys. The current thing is their monstrously anticonsumer, squeeze every dollar to please stockholders damn the impact on the actual quality of game experience attitude. Never cared about the old thing, I actually like sequels, but pretty mad about the new thing, personally.

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It's been said a hundred times in this thread already, but...seriously, if you can't turn a profit after selling 1.2 million games, someone is doing something very, very wrong

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Not sure how to react to this. On one hand, I thought the ending was rather poor. On the other hand, I don't like the notion that people who have already bought three $60 games will have to shell out even more to get a satisfying conclusion. On the third(?!) hand, I've already budgeted to buy every ME3 DLC anyway, so it doesn't effect me at all.

RE: artistic integrity, I don't see a problem with retconning (which the statements don't read like this is anyway). You make a work to try to elicit a particular emotion. Going by everything they've said pre-release, they intended the audience's reaction to ending the trilogy to be "satisfied", as opposed to "disappointed" or in some cases "Tasmanian Devil-style frothing and twirling". I don't see a problem with modifying an ending that didn't function as intended.

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If you have to justify it being on the site in the title, maybe reconsider posting it at all.

EDIT: @Everone who @'ed me

So apparently there's been drama about this before? I just thought the title was weird. Though I'm sure Alex appreciates you defending his honor so thoroughly

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Was Space Marine profitable?

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Interesting story. Say what you will about Activision, they're incredibly competent  when it comes to marketing and hype-building. If only they showed such talent in an area more relevant to gamers.