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As a programmer, you need those 15 mins twice a day not looking at code to keep your sanity in check.

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Am I the only one still listening to this? Did they shut it down? Are they taking a break?

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Someone who would think less of me because I didn't watch sports isn't someone who I'd be concerned about anyway. The poll is oddly biased toward watching sports being the norm.

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Why are people so hyped up about Destiny? Bandwagons can be a funny thing.

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Whaaaaaat, that is amazing. Even if it turns out garbage it will be amazing.

I believe this belongs in off-topic btw.

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I've never seen it as being universally beloved or anything, yes the bombcast likes it but the bombcast also aren't a good representation of most people.

Personally I liked the film for what it was but I never had any urge to watch it again and again.

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@yummylee said:

I would much rather watch Vinny continue on with the older generation of Castlevania, mainly because I haven't played any of them and I always prefer watching the staff play games I'm not already familiar with. Though really at this point I'd be happy with Vinny playing anything! I was thinking about getting Circle of Moon, too. The reason why I got the other two was because they came in a double-pack. From what I've seen Circle of Moon looks kinda rotten, though... Awfully dark, too. I could get it for about £9 used on Amazon currently, which is certainly much fairer than what every other one of these typically goes for. So, I'll certainly keep it in mind. But for now I've got plenty of Vania on my plate as it is.

Yeah the game is way darker than the others and it doesn't necessarily look the best visually (although I think it looks way better than Harmony of Dissonance), I think the reason it looks a little jarring now is because it was an early GBA game and so it was meant to be played on a dark screen without the backlight. But if you want kickass gameplay and the best skill system in the entire series Circle of the Moon is the choice. Jeff even called it "one of the best portable adventures ever created" (in 2001 but whatever, 9.6 is still a good score).

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I would watch the shit out of a Vinnyvania of the old DS games, especially DoS and PoR.

Also OP you need to play Circle of the Moon on GBA which is probably my favourite in the whole series.

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It's only better this year because last year was all Daily Dota and spooking with scoops which both were super boring all the way through. The best time for subscribers was 2011-2012, no contest.

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Having watched Cosmo trying to reach a sub 18:20 in OOT for so many months now, you really come to understand how difficult a run like this really is. Of course when you just play back this completed run now it looks simple, but the level of complexity and the amount of research that goes into this run is truly astounding.