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Bloodborne is a shadow of a Souls game. It's pretty good for what it is, but it doesn't compare to the other games, which offer everything Bloodborne does and more.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is the best, Demon's Souls is my favorite, Dark Souls is mostly a rehash of Demon's, and Bloodborne is a fairly fruitless deconstruction of the formula.

I think Bloodborne has something the other games don't, I just find the feel of the combat better in every single way. Combat in the souls games became kind of rote after a while because all you did was bait attacks behind a shield and then strike.

That said though, I think I might agree with DkS2: SFS being the best of them all. Just the scope of the game with the dlc is huge, and the difficulty level is superb playing a dual wield spec.

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This has been discussed before, but the hardest boss in Dark Souls is Artorias. The easiest is Pinwheel.

This post nails it. I also thought Artorias was the most fun boss in the game, but man... I remember having to take a long break from the game after having banged my head against the wall for hours. I'm also adamant about never using shields in these games, so it's completely my fault, I'm doing that to myself.

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I just find it funny that so many people care about if jeff likes it. Is his validation that important?

"Important" is a weird word in this context -- I think it just comes down to the fact that people like Jeff and they also like Bloodborne/souls and feel content when those two things doesn't clash.

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I didn't even give a fuck about those smaller spiders, just jerk around them and nail the boss with some quick strong attack (I used the running R2 of the Kirkhammer).

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@retris: i agree with this -- people play it, finds it not to be that hard, and then interprets that as proof that they are just fucking hardcore and awesome and proceeds to be dicks about it to everyone else. Then there are those who just enjoys it for what it is and just love to talk about it in general.

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I mean... I guess they're like giant bomb... Except I just don't like them much.. probably least of all Greg Miller (though that Oreo review series he did was kind of great).

Also, their name is dumb.

In any case, good for them for doing what they want and I respect the hell out of that, wish them the best.

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...why is there a cross over the girl in the foreground?

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wait, people aren't sick of the l4d formula yet? huh...

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It feels like a terrible thing to say, and I'm probably in a vast minority. But I don't think the Vinny/Alex combo works very well.. don't know why. I just haven't enjoyed Vinny content as much as I used to ever since he moved.

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@drewbert: Wasteland 2 is another game that has 2014 releases but won't show up for me.