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@rorie: i have sent a tweet to the vidmedio feed, hopefully will hear something back, and it does work, just makes me re-enter on every refresh of the feed..... if i hear anything ill post it up........... thanks for the assistance

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@rorie @ltsquigs

hi guys, as i mentioned in the premium podcasts comments, is it supposed to be prompting for creds on every refresh or should it be able to cache? it successfully refreshes but is annoying with the prompts this probably isnt for you guys but thought it was worth asking....thanks

update, sorry i am using Instacast on IOS


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I have been waiting to get paid and will be buying it tomorrow, i will loose a lot of my life to this game

i hope it sticks more to vanilla shogun then the extras that in my opinion killed the fun in expansions in Shogun......

i cant wait till Wednesday

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i like the idea of the AM being alarm clock type font as well, but i can do graphic design to save my life so ill grab my coat....

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pretty awesome guys, thanks for taking the time and making it!

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with jeff posting the zip of all the ndx's i kinda wish i could find one of alllllll the bombcasts

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@shrinerr said:

to celebrate, I'm gonna watch Brad play Dota while I eat some Ben & Jerry's


this is fucking cray cray, i did this exact thing #strawberrycheesecakelikeaboss

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i personally would love the Olly Moss design on a shirt (not sure how that would work with nintendo copyrights,etc)

sad that its not coming out, not because i wanted to wear it, i wanted it frame personally, mainly wanted it to support ryan's family :(