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Hope I'm not too late   Ecksbocks

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D.J. Kat show, the number one place to watch eppisodes of the Turtles before school.

Uhh.. I think I was in the fanclub.
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Nevermind, I got all the PC achievements for this expantion over a week ago.

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I'm pretty sure he's Jeff's evil pinball twin. Or is Jeff the evil twin?

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I've never been one for digital pinball, nothing seems to emulate the feel of a real system.

That said, Pinball dreams and Pinball fantasies both rocked so hard. It's a crime that they aren't listed in the Giant Bomb database.
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Pppft! and I get no credit :P

Enjoy the points!
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You could give us the new IP so we don't have to worry about waiting for DNS, but I doubt I'll be trying to hit the site at midnight anyway.

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Happy New Year Everyone!
At last a holiday we can all agree on.

I was wondering if you've been setting New Year's resolutions, if so then please share. Resolutions don't sound like something that I'd usually go along with, if it's important enough to set a goal for then you shouldn't need some arbitrary date to set yourself goals. However, setting reasonable resolutions works and helps you better yourself and your life, with that said, here's my dumb goals for 09.


Complete 2 Zelda games - so this doesn't really better me or my life, but I've only completed 4 Zeldas, 3, 4, OOT & TP. This is especially sad since I own every Zelda except for the first two. Not sure which I'll play through, perhaps Wind Waker and Phantom hourglass, but I'm also tempted by Majora's mask.


Hundred push ups - I'm not in terrible shape, but I could always stand to be fitter. I managed day one on the harder routine which meant 45 pushups with 4 one minute breaks, I still hurt. If anyone wants to join me on this path of pain then checkout


Complete at least one piece of paid commissioned work - I've been writing reviews on and off for quite some time now and have gotten rather serious about it over the last 2-3 years so it's about time I set myself up with the next level. Honestly I'm a little skeptical about this but I've thought of ideas for a column in a paper, so with enough stubborn behavior I may get this harder achievement to unlock.


I hope you all do well with your lists and may all of your achievements unlock.

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