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RelentlessKnight said:
"another reason why I don't visit the forums... stupidity

utter /facepalm

handsomedead, those still images varies, if you have done, other quests. So it varies, yeah some of them are the same but if you have done something different depending on your actions.

All the endings was fine, if you're a pussy to not sacrifice yourself, for a selfless act then tell Lyons the password and she will do it. Just don't bitch when she becomes a hero, and you a pussy.
Go cry and bitch, about how "Bethseda" ruined the game for you. What are you 12?

Like one of the terminal computers in Bethseda Ruins(you hacked)... FUCK YOU(listed in the terminal)"
Agreed, I really dont get what you guys are all complaining about, some of you are getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too angry.
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I havent been able to connect for the past two days, still cant :(

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Uh, yeah.. I kind of see where you're going with this...

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I got this same email from Blizzard, but am happy to say that I was not in the slightest bit tempted! Yay! I'm healed!

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Then you should all be arrested and they should launch a larger investigation into all schools.

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Bahah you're pretty much fucked I guess. I mean, what do you expect, you're illegally downloading for a start, and second of all you're using a school's internet connection - a very stupid thing to do. I can't believe people would be that stupid to do such a thing as this. I sure hope you're not looking for sympathy - you deserve what you get.

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Yeah I personally love match making and find it mucf easier to get into a game than the Gears 1 way. COD4 had amazingly fast match making, which made it one of my favourite 360 multiplayer games. Also not being able to quit is a great addition. Leaving in the middle of a game really cripples the team, so its good that its harder to do that now. All in all, I think these were both great improvements to the game.

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serbsta said:
"What exactly do you think is going to 'change' (for the good) in the coming year for the American people?

Personally i think there wont be much of a change;

-tensions in Pakistan will increase as Obama will follow Bush's foreign relations policies, most likely upping to a full scale war by the end of next year.

-hes guaranteeing to 'bankrupt' coal power plants, costing millions of American jobs.

-this man supported the biggest theft in history not long ago with the Bailout Bill along with his defeated rival.

-troops wont be pulled out of Iraq or Afghanistan, not soon anyway.

-he claims to be an environmentalist yet his intention to extened biofuel subsides will jack up food costs causing economic chaos in third-world countries.

-there will be no repeals of the Patriot Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, etc. Which are anti-constitutional.

I guess this list will fill up more and more in the coming years... i just cant stand the ignorance, doesnt anyone see that the real problem is that fact that it is a two-party monopoly, it offers no solutions for Americans, it only supports the elite.

Meh, just my rant...

Just in: Woman calls Obama "the black Jesus" and believes that he will personally come and save her from her woes...     

Lord help you woman, lord help you."

- There is no damning evidence to say Obama will follow Bush's foreign relations policies, in fact, evidence suggests he will do the opposite.

- There's more to it than simply 'babkrupting' power pplants

- That view is entirely subjective.

- They made the mess, they ought to clean it up not run when it gets ugly. Once again, subjective.

- Economic chaos, subjective. Agreed, biofuel is the wrong solution.

- This all depends on popular opinion of those acts, many people are in support of them believe it or not.

A two-party monopoly, what, like every political system? Its not a monopoly, its just the fact that most people support the most moderate two parties, rather than the extreme left or right. Once again serbsta, you bring little more than ignorance to the table.

And lol at the 'black jesus' remark, thats the second point I agee with you on :P
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Alright, if America isn't destroy in one year, will you kill yourself? That's a good bet I reckon, you seem pretty sure of your odds :)

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Well personally tigher gun control is a good idea. Also, you're an idiot. The parrallels you're making to Obama and Hitler are entirely unfounded, ridiculousl, shallow, stupid and just beyond comprehension. It surprises me you have the intelligence to continue living.