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So I bought it on PS4, should be arriving tomorrow, slightly regretting it now because of the DLC, really hope it's just a month or something the delay is or it's going to be a big regret for me


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So I can't make my mind up which platform to get it on, I don't see a massive issue with the whole 1080p vs 900p, but obviously 1080p is a small bonus.

Anyone know how long the exclusivity is on Xbox DLC?

Literally zero of my friends will play Dragon Age so the multiplayer isn't really interesting me much

What platform are you buying it for?

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@bollard: Just other forums I've been on have said it's definitely new rubber, does it not feel any different for you?

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Anyone know if the new red controllers have the updated rubber?

Apparently the white controllers definitely have a better rubber on the thumbsticks

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Yeah good point, guess in the future I'd probably have to rebuy it

Keeping it!

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So I bought my Xbox One after trading in my old PS3 and games (around 20 or so, hadn't played my PS3 since before I got my PS4 thanks to Steam games) and paying £40 extra which I felt was a pretty good deal.

Now I really never use it... it just sits and collects dust. The only games I'm wanting to play are Halo MCC and a possible future Gears of War game. I'm not really that interested in Sunset Overdrive or Forza, and I don't have any friends that play on Xbox - they're all on PS4.

Anyone else having the same issue or thinking of selling theirs?

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So obviously the early DLC is a plus, but with the PS4 massively outselling the Xbox One... will the PS4 become the best console to play it on?

I know that Ghosts on Xbox One is dead, no idea how the population is on PS4 though

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I'm deciding between PS4 and Xbox One, and I knew the game was 720p at launch and had some other issues on Xbox, but has any of this been patched?

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@hailinel: Would you say the 3DS version is definitely more worth it?