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Out of the two I'd say the Xbox 360 is the better choice, I mainly prefer Sony consoles over Microsoft consoles purely because of the games.

Games like DMC, Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts (1st game, 2nd is probably coming too), Final Fantasy, J&D, and Sly are all on either PS3, PSN or (some) on Xbox 360.

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Hey yo, thought in the end it might have been more fun to have two characters and be able to swap between my pure melee character and my pure caster, so I started a Mage character and I'm loving it. I wish I started from this in the beginning.

Fighting to urge to replay Dark Souls I, and to actually start Demon's Souls

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So I just beat the game using a Strength build for 80% of the game, but I switched to a Str/Faith build which I've been loving. I destroyed the last few bosses using Faith and it was great, got to SL 150 and farmed the mats to upgrade my armour/weapons. LOVED casting Miracles and hitting 1.9k Sunlight Spears.

Now I think I kind of want to try a real Mage playthrough, but I'm not sure if I should just start a whole new save or respec in NG+ (started as a Knight, so a few stats will be unnecessary like Strength).

So, should I start over or carry on and try to make the best of it with unlocked weapons/gear for a Mage that I've picked up.

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I'm definitely having a big problem finding a laptop that I want, under £600

I'm hoping to sell my above system for £400, and just putting the £200 towards it

Definitely not wanting integrated graphics, preferably 8GB of RAM and an i5

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So the 6GB models are generally slightly outdated?

Hoping to sell my system for £400... hoping

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@truthtellah Yeah I agree, I'm pretty unsure between 6GB or 8GB though, if it's just for FM and normal computer use

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Nah duder I'm just looking to buy something with atleast an i3/i5, and 6/8GB of memory

Just as long as it's super fast enough for Football Manager and a few other things

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So I'm moving in with my girlfriend next month, and sadly I'm beginning to think I don't need my gaming PC anymore... which I barely use for gaming.

I mostly game on my PS3, and soon-to-be PS4, and I only really use my PC for Football Manager.

The flat we're moving into isn't small at all, but I'm thinking that having a new PC desk will actually just be a bit awkward and would take up a lot of space, so I'm sadly considering selling it.

Do you think I should replace it with a laptop?


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Well I've sorta decided my PC is totally fine for atleast another year, been playing through Tomb Raider at 60fps on Ultra settings (everything Ultimate except TressFX is off) TressFX kills the framerate but with it off and everything maxed, it's 60fps