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@bollard: Just other forums I've been on have said it's definitely new rubber, does it not feel any different for you?

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Anyone know if the new red controllers have the updated rubber?

Apparently the white controllers definitely have a better rubber on the thumbsticks

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Yeah good point, guess in the future I'd probably have to rebuy it

Keeping it!

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So I bought my Xbox One after trading in my old PS3 and games (around 20 or so, hadn't played my PS3 since before I got my PS4 thanks to Steam games) and paying £40 extra which I felt was a pretty good deal.

Now I really never use it... it just sits and collects dust. The only games I'm wanting to play are Halo MCC and a possible future Gears of War game. I'm not really that interested in Sunset Overdrive or Forza, and I don't have any friends that play on Xbox - they're all on PS4.

Anyone else having the same issue or thinking of selling theirs?

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So obviously the early DLC is a plus, but with the PS4 massively outselling the Xbox One... will the PS4 become the best console to play it on?

I know that Ghosts on Xbox One is dead, no idea how the population is on PS4 though

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I'm deciding between PS4 and Xbox One, and I knew the game was 720p at launch and had some other issues on Xbox, but has any of this been patched?

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@hailinel: Would you say the 3DS version is definitely more worth it?

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@yummylee: Is the 3DS Circlepad Pro mandatory for playing it? I played the demo (pretty small demo) without and I thought it controlled fine, but not sure about later in-game

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I downloaded the 3DS demo back when I first got my 3DS, but I've never played it until now and actually quite enjoyed it, thought it looked amazing for a 3DS game. I was about to buy the full game but noticed it was also on PS3.. so I'm now unsure what version to buy.

PS3 would obviously run a lot smoother and look better, but I thought the 3D was brilliant on the DS version

Which version should I get?

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Out of the two I'd say the Xbox 360 is the better choice, I mainly prefer Sony consoles over Microsoft consoles purely because of the games.

Games like DMC, Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts (1st game, 2nd is probably coming too), Final Fantasy, J&D, and Sly are all on either PS3, PSN or (some) on Xbox 360.