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@rethla said:

@isomeri: McLarens pr strategy is starting to take effect i see. Every article says hes not gonna race to not risk _another_ concussion but i dont think there is a single statement from McLaren or the hospital that says he even had a first concussion. He fainted before or after the crash and either nobody knows why he fainted or they keep it a secret.

Ron Dennis confirmed that Alonso lost consciousness for a brief period of time (a few seconds) after the impact, and he was confused when rescue crews reached him (Was unaware he was in an f1 car, what he was doing, etc.) His concussion was confirmed a while ago. He was fully braking before impact (Which is what raises eyebrows as something being weird...) The crash was more of a latitudinal impact instead of longitudinal therefore the hans device was not much help. His helmet hit both sides of the cockpit, with both impacts being significant g-loading events.

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The year of ubisoft idiocy continues.

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All this does is ensure that there will be a widely available, low priced, commercial rift, with the absolute best possible screen with the features that Oculus defines, rather than happening to find a manufacturer making screens that they can get by with. It's not a niche little product anymore and that's a Win for consumers, developers, and the bank accounts of Oculus. The internet can be really dumb sometimes. Someone was going to buy oculus before they got to market. I'm glad it's a platform agnostic entity instead of Sony or Microsoft.

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@atwa said:

No video? :(

I respect the list even though I do not agree with it.

The video is at the end of the day 1 recap

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That's a great article on Schilling. Really can't not feel bad for the guy after learning about the crap that went down with 38.

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2.) Additional info from Gochilla's post, if a time is set in the Q3, the car must start on the tires used to set the fastest lap. If they set no time, They can choose which compound of tires to start the race on.

3.) They like to say that a top driver, like fernando alonso, is worth 0.5 seconds in lap time. The specs of the cars are pretty rigidly defined by the FIA. They have certain imaginary-box areas that they cannot exceed with body panels/wings. Minimum area between the floor of the car (where most of the actual aerodynamic magic is nowadays) and the wheels. A lot of cars use customer engines from Renault (red bull, lotus) Mercedes (Mercedes, Mclaren, Force India) and Ferrari (Ferrari, Sauber, Toro Rosso I believe.)

4.) A driver is allowed to move off his line and back one time for a corner. Can't make 2 defensive moves for a corner. Beyond that, it's up to the passer not the pass-ee

5.) There is a designated line on the track, usually a corner before the zone, where the driver needs to be trailing at max 1 second behind any other car (even if the car is a lap down.)

The timing system sounds a buzzer to alert the driver, the driver presses the button, and it opens when it enters the zone. Drivers can also manually override it (the first few races this year, the system was down and it was up to the drivers.) Also I believe ferrari was fined for illegally activating DRS a few races back.

6.) All teams must use both compounds of tire at least one lap per race. They usually will save Softs for the end, where the car is the lightest with less fuel, and the car is less damaging to the tires.

7.) I assume it's mounted outside the airstream in the onboard camera pod on the airbox.

8.) If you gain no advantage you can shortcut a chicane for an incident. Uusally a driver will go off full throttle for a short time to show he "gave up his gain" and if the FIA complains, they can review the telemetry.

9.) Secret radio code.

10.) 1st place = 25, 2nd 18, 3rd 15, 12, 10 , 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 point to 10th. In hungary, the 6th place finisher, Romain Grosjean, was given a 20 second penalty after the race but I believe he still got the points? The time penalty didn't affect the standings.

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Good luck sir snider

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