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Patrick comes in with 20-20 hindsight about what should raise warning bells.

Perhaps we're at the point where nothing a Microsoft employee says in an official capacity should be believed?

Well, whatever the case, now they have painted themselves into a corner.

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@cincaid said:

Spelbutiken.se's prices (cheapest Swedish online retailer, according to pricerunner):

  • Xbox One: 4488:- ($685 / €514)
  • PlayStation 4: 4298:- ($656 / €493)

They had the PS4 up for 3600 yesterday at first. I thought about biting because I suspected it'd go up (I don't actually know if they'll honor those pre-orders).

I have no idea what's going on. It should be around 3300 on a straight conversion of USD+VAT. Let's just say I'm not going to be paying more than a few hundred over that, ever.

The UK prices aren't jacked. If the power-brick is external it should be possible to get one from there, I guess it depends on if the OS is agnostic (in fact then germany may be a better choice).

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@oginor said:

@eloj: At which point, I should have just bought the better Xbox One since I won't be trading or giving away that digital copy and it will have to authenticate online. Now are you getting it? Sony lags behind MS in terms of service offerings here..no Skype, no SmartGlass (unless I buy a Vita), no Twitch, no fantasy sports, no TV, no amazing cloud integration (Gaikai streaming is nice, but we aren't talking about actual cloud-processing integration like Forza 5).

No, I'm not getting it, I can't relate to anyone who thinks "fantasy sports" is a selling point for a console. All that is just random crap that would interfere with playing games.

But I can tell from the way you wax lyrical about "cloud processing" that you're deep into the Kool-Aid. You're a marketers dream.

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@oy said:

Did I wake up in some alt universe where online play is bad and slow loading discs are good? Did we even see the same show?

If "slow loading"[citation needed] discs are a problem, I'm sure Sony will be happy to sell you the game from their Online store, just as they have been with the PS3. What was your problem again?

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How many first-year exclusives are usually worth playing? I'm no expert, but I guess on the PS3 it was Uncharted, and on the Xbox360 side a Halo or Gears? My point is, it's very odd to me to chose one or the other based primarily on what was shown at this event.

The idea that you can just "count them and there's your answer!" just seems borderline insane.

We still have more events (gamescon) before these release, do we know how many if any exclusives either party held back for that? No? Then if you're only going by exclusives, shouldn't you wait till closer to release so you get the count right?

None of the actually exclusive titles (which aren't that many once we remove the 'console' and 'timed' modifiers) shown by any of the parties are such that I feel "I must play that!".

Add to that that some are so far out we're just better off forgetting about them (that Black Tusk title for instance).

If nothing else, Sony hasn't played the Naughty Dog card yet, and to me that's quite an important card.

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Xbox One owners can basically just get a disc, use it once, and mostly forget about them. But PS4 owners will still need to swap discs around to play their games. Personally, that doesn't bother me, but I can see why it might be an advantage for how the Xbox One is doing it

If you don't care about the disc, then get the digital download and there'll be no disc to care about?

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Got to be a 2.5" standard SATA drive then, same as the PS3? Mmm... probably worth it to get a higher capacity one with flash, save the trouble of migrating later (which on PS3 was essentially impossible -- at least before PS+?). Perhaps cloud-saves makes it no big deal, but I can always put the original drive to use elsewhere.