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#1 Posted by Elow (46 posts) -

Why didn't the developer just make a fake account and make a $30ish payment in the last minute(s)?

#2 Posted by Elow (46 posts) -

Guys, I have an idea!

Lets put money in this jar for 10 years and see what comes of it!

#3 Posted by Elow (46 posts) -

That interview on Rock Paper Shotgun really is fantastic. John Walker is both aggressive and persistent in his questioning about the DRM.

Why don't you ask questions this way Patrick? I have no doubt you would bring up a DRM question in a similar interview, but would never go at it this viciously (or passionately?).

#4 Posted by Elow (46 posts) -

Why aren't conversations/interviews like this recorded? It would be fantastic to hear in a audio mp3 form.

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Just imagine that there are people out there who don't have access to the internet (or just doesn't have their console connected to the internet) and have the PS3 version.

I mean, what do these people do when the game becomes unplayable after X amount of hours and they aren't able to patch? Start a new game and pray it doesn't happen again?

It's a pretty disgusting situation.

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Very excited that the festival of blood doesn't require Infamous 2 since I traded that in. I wonder if they will also give us access to the online portion (where people create missions, it has a acronym, but I forget what it was).

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Can we use a 360 controller with the PC version? As in, will I NOT need Xpadder or similar program?

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I'll just wait for the price of the game to drop to $30 and pay $30 to have the complete game for $60! I'm a genius!

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When the Wii was getting released, they said the same thing about HDTV's when they were beginning to hit mass market penetration. Look how that blew in their faces.

****Yes, I know the Wii has and still sold like crazy, but that's not the point****

I'm not 100% behind 3D technology at the current time, but you never know. 3D is sure to only become cheaper (and thus more widespread) as time goes on.

#10 Posted by Elow (46 posts) -
@Tuffgong: Finally got it after almost a year of trying!
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