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I buy games on sales because they didn't seem interesting at the original price. If they don't seem appealing at 60, maybe they'll be more my size at 40 or 30. If you don't wan't to be a part of sales, don't be. It must be working to a degree if they keep popping off.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I think the games worth full price, I'll pay full price. Otherwise they're lucky to get any money out of me.

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Done and done, that worked, thank you kindly!

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I just had my subscription run dry, then renewed the same day, but i'm getting all the ads. I still have access to all the content however.

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SOMEONE has played this and has an opinion to render upon it?!

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  • OS: Windows 8
  • Browser: Chrome
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Type Of Player: Anything but youtube.
  • Adblock: Off
  • Specific Problem: How about a better gradient of video quality? High is too HD and I can't stream it anymore like I used to, and low has such a piss poor video quality that I keep thinking I'm watching japanese porn because it's so pixelated.

I can watch Streams and youtube at 480p with no problem but nothing on the site. It really sucks that I gotta watch everything on youtube to be able to see what's on the video.

I'm having this exact same problem, but only within the last like 2 months. I was using the HTML version of the player on high and it was working fine, but suddenly it got REAL choppy (video and audio got crackly and out of synk) and I had to switch to low which looks like that ^. I'm kinda forced to use youtube and can't watch any of the subscription stuff because it ether looks like poo, or becomes super choppy if I use any of the other player modes (HTML/Stream/Progressive.)

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Love this

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When Ryan read my question on the Mass Effect 2 podcast, he's the ONLY dude I've ever heard read my last name aloud and get it right. Proper gentleman.

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RIP Big man, you will be missed.

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I'm just sayin, Brock says he was expecting a girl, claptrap references stuff in the future. Thought it would have made sense is all.

PS: I picked Kadin... I'm not trying to stick up for Ash or anything lol.