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I've always thought of the amnesia as more of a design decision than a story device. That is to say, The Witcher 2 would be even less of an RPG than it is already if Geralt remembered everything from his past. Whereas a "traditional" Western RPG asks the question "what kind of hero would you be in a fantasy world?", the theme of the Witcher games is "what kind of person would you be if you were a hero in a fantasy world, and you had amnesia?"

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Looks like pirates win again...

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metacritic is cancer

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So MS is rebranding GFWL as the one thing in the world that could possibly be worse than GFWL? They've already tried pay-for-online PC gaming before and failed miserably, so I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish with this, but whatever it is I'm sure it's draconian and awful.

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                That's cool, I like free stuff.
options that were supose to be in the game at launch but delayed into a DLC is considered 'free stuff'?
I like it because it shows that Relic and THQ aren't out to nickle and dime us - a lot of companies would have seen this as an opportunity to charge us an extra $10 or $15 for the content (or have had it sectioned off and planned as "premium content' long before the game's release). I won't pass judgement on Space Marine until we see what the post-release DLC plans are for that game, but this is a very good, very comforting and consumer friendly step in the right direction.
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Only relevant at this stage of its existence as an artistic and scientific curiosity? Well there's also the whole "being the best game ever made" thing, but I guess some people aren't into that.

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Specifically, the inclusion of dedicated servers does mean that it would, in theory at least, be easier to cheat in online multiplayer matches.
That's complete bull crap, if anything dedicated servers make it HARDER to cheat, since you can actually get a server admin to ban cheaters. With matchmaking all you can do is report him and then either try to find a new match, or deal with him. Which is crap. How matchmaking became the multiplayer standard I'll never understand. Maybe it's easier to force DLC down peoples' throats that way.
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The stupidest thing about this is that MW2 would make a terrible, terrible war training simulator. Seriously, that game is so arcady and unrealistic that any success he had as a murderer was probably in spite of playing it. I wonder if he tried to quickscope any of the kids he killed. Was he using Stopping Power or Cold Blooded? And banning World of Warcraft? Because he used it to "cover up the time he spent plotting"? Clearly this means that Wow is a dangerous game that shouldn't be sold to people. Yeah, that makes sense. Absolutely no gross logical inconsistencies to see here. And here I thought we had reached the point that everyone understood that video games aren't dangerous. Now this stupid crap happens and we're back to square one. Unbelievable.

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This is just hearsay, but I've been told that the reason the game was pulled was  because EA wanted to sell DLC through the Steam store (currently the sell DLC through in-game stores and their website), but didn't want to pay the fee per item sold. Which is ridiculous, but hey, I wouldn't quite put that past EA.