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It is my goal in life to be even 1/10 as inspiring and amazing as Dave Lang.

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@dudeglove: Yup, it was my last year of college and I didn't have a full course load so I took Russian 101. I can totally ask for the bathroom and read the Cyrillic alphabet.

My goal is to be 'survival fluent' in a bunch of languages, i.e. be able to ask for medical help, directions, food/water. I don't need to be able to hold a conversation, just get my point across.

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@believer258: Thanks!

And it's the same thing with swords, I could feel the impact of hitting/blocking in my hands and wrists for several days afterwards, and that was with padded gloves, I'm sure it would have been worse barehanded.

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I've been thinking of the 'multiple yous' as some sort of fractured personality, the radio report about the gruesome murder is the character 'hearing' about something an aspect of his personality did, while he is trapped in his own mind.

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There are always a few shitheads out there, but I would agree with most people here that my WoW experience was either silent or positive, I quit a few months after Cata was released and even in the beginning, when all the dungeons were new and rock-hard, most of the people were cool with taking a few runs at the bosses to figure them out.

Now LOTRO, which I just recently started playing is another story all together. The world chat is nearly always full of people arguing about Obama being a Muslim and what not. That's not hyperbole, if its not LFG or a guild advert its probably horribly politically charged.

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I totally understand wanting a console exclusive, but 3rd party devs should never, ever not be day-and-date with a PC release.

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I've had a good bit of fun with it so far, and while the F2P stuff is definitely fucked (limited time weapon unlocks are the WORST) they don't actually seem to be selling any advantages, and you can unlock some of the character classes with relatively little play.

Only major issue I've had is, because its only 4v4 missing even one teammate makes for a pretty crappy match.

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I really, really hate Charles Dickens, but I accept that -some people- consider him a 'classic' author.

C.S. Goto, who writes for the Black Library, is legitimately a terrible author who gets paid to write the equivalent of crappy 40K fanfiction. (as opposed to some of the really good Black Library guys like Dan Abnett.)

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Should it be allowed to exist?

Sure, anything that doesn't directly harm sentient life has a right to exist.

Should Google allow it on the app store?

probably not, I don't believe it is breaking any of the app store guidelines but it is in extremely poor taste. Anyone can host a website, put your political commentary of dubious value there.

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They have no idea how or why Ellie was able to survive the infection beyond a vague 'it mutated'. Killing her could have easily killed the infection as well, or destroyed whatever it was inside her which made her immune, the fireflies were desperate, looking for some bullshit 'sacrifice' to save humanity, no rational scientist or doctor would be willing to just kill a patient unless they had iron proof that removing the infection from Ellie would allow them to engineer a cure.

While Joel was acting on totally selfish desires, he probably saved the possibility of a cure by saving Ellie. If they manage to live long enough, he could eventually tell her the truth, or find anther way to have her infection studied without resorting to the martyr method.

I personally really liked the ending, as so many games explore the idea of a messiah or 'The One', and this felt like Naughty Dog setting up another of those stories then pulling out the rug at the last second.