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Its a bummer because Call of Juarez: Gunslinger was fuckin' rad but they keep driving the concept of a melee-focused zombie game into the ground. I mean, if this controls well then parkouring around bashing zombies might be fun but they really need to spread their wings and move on.

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9.87 Million.

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I got Rollercoaster Tycoon during the steam sale, one of my all time favorites, so I imagine most of January will be cleaning up the backlog and building some sick coasters in Forest Frontier.

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hot damn this is GREAT.

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Gonna miss Bombin' in the AM but I'm sure scoops will continue to be brilliant else-ware, godspeed.

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If you had a gun to my head it would be Die Hard, I think, but its more like a 10ish-way tie between the stuff being mentioned here.

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Transistor by a country mile, though Destiny's is soild, and Persona Q is delightful so far.

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Adventure 2: Battle on the Gamecube is the only Sonic game I have ever put a meaningful amount of time into, so I would say I got out while I was ahead.

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My party is Iron Bull, Varric, and Dorian, though Iron Bull is a standout, I feel like they set a very specific tone with the Qunari in the last 2 games, and he does a great job of bringing personality to what felt like a fantasy version of the Geth. and while I'm not quite done with the game yet, I really, really like the little interactions with some of the secondary characters like Harding and Cullen, they make the Inquisition feel like an actual organization rather than just a small band of heroes.

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Dark Souls 2 is a big one for me. Everything about that game felt like a step down from the first game, and towards the end some of the enemies just sucked.