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Sora is apparently a dude.

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it depends, are the stages huge and awesome like Melee, or tiny and crappy like Brawl?

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Asura's Wrath was just a long series of ridiculous WOW moments made even better by the fact that I was playing with a couple friends in the room.

Solving the alphabet in Fez was amazing, it was the first time my younger brother had really shown interest in a game outside of the occasional Madden, and we were up till 3AM finding anti-cubes for nearly a week.

Call of Duty: Big Red One on the Gamecube was the first T rated game I was allowed to play, and there was a certain scene where a squadmate (Brooklyn, I think?) says 'I just might make it out of this hell hole' just before stepping on a landmine. It's really messed up, though I fully admit that any character death, regardless of how hamfisted or foreshadowed, always gets me.

The section of Bastion where Build that Wall plays, the narration just before, and the overall tone of the song is perfect, there are a lot of really good music moments in games, like 'Sympathy for the Devil' in Black Ops, 'Power' in Saints Row 3, or the 'Burn Dem' bit in Far Cry 3.

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I dropped 2 characters at Sen's Fortress the week the game came out, and didn't return to it until the PC version about a month ago, where I promptly cleared the game inside a few days. Basically those stupid swinging glaives made me quit dark souls for 3 years.

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The Chao (Chaos?) from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Still not 100% on the correct pronunciation. also it's not a game, but I hate how Eureka is said in Eureka 7 (something like 'A-O-wreka').

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Wait, didn't Megan Fox get kicked out of Transformers for having some beef with Bay? surprised he was willing to let her anywhere near another project.

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Titanfall for sure, loved the bit of the beta I played, and I'm kinda thankful for the Dark Souls PC delay so I wouldn't have to choose :p

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Final Fantasy 13 is mechanically my favorite FF game. And I don't totally hate the story. I understand why other people dislike it.

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I really like the schemata and combat mechanics, but the timer is killing me. I like to explore every nook and cranny and even though I just rolled into day 2 I feel really behind, like every second not spent on a quest is a waste.

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Considering that this will probably be some unpolished game-play it's no surprise that they are keeping it from the public, one only needs to look at the discussions which surround game betas or early access to see that many people apparently don't understand the phrase 'work in progress' and will be turned off by unfinished art or a rough UI.