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The Dragon Age games were some of my absolute favorites from the last generation, and I couldn't have been more excited when I saw this announced. Really happy to see it getting such glowing reviews.

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I've been having a lot of luck in the crucible with the Lord High Fixer HC and The Comedian shotgun, both have high ammo capacity and accuracy/range. The Gajallerhorn or w/e its called is also great, the homing cluster missiles are basically free kills whenever you grab ammo for it.

In terms of medals I think 'Way of the Gun' and 'Reign of Terror' are both really rad names.

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Either there was a technical hiccup or something got reversed as AC Unity is showing up in the steam store search just fine right now. (noon EST November 7th.)

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Been thinking about grabbing this, but I've gotta ask, is the progression/leveling MH style or is there an more traditional EXP leveling system? I find that i burn out on MH style games once I hit the midgame and have to fight the same monster 10 times to get a rare drop, so after the bevy other MH vita games i'm wary of playing halfway through another one.

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@svirfneblin: Super meatboy sold millions of copies so I think that Team Meat is actually doing quite well for themselves, I wouldn't worry too much :p

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I feel like I'm missing something with all the outrage towards the content in this game/DLC. The base Destiny game had as much in it as any of the last half dozen CoD games and this DLC offers significantly more than 3-4 MP maps for 15$ which is the shooter standard. I'm not going to argue for the quality of the content (even if I generally enjoy it) but it seems disingenuous to say Destiny didn't come with 60$ worth of stuff to do.

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Excited to give this a second shot, I dunno if I missed something the first time but I found it insanely difficult and barely played a few missions. That always bugged me.

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Metallica is one of those bands that, while I appreciate the quality of their music, I can't enjoy it because the fandom around them is so intense its permanently left a bad taste in my mouth. sorta like the Beatles.

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My only contribution is this video of the anthropomorphised Internet Explorer fighting viruses.

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I can't put my finger on why exactly this makes me so much more uncomfortable than the dozens of games that have random killing in them, all I know is the tone and content of this trailer crosses the line in a way 'No Russian' or running over civilians in GTA doesn't.