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Got the second code in the second batch. Can't wait to try it out, thanks.

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It convinced me to buy a more powerful PC and stick with that for a while.

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Drake of the 99 Dragons for $20. It's probably the worst game I've ever played.

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The ideas around Shenmue are fantastic, it's just the execution that's a little lackluster. But I do understand where Jeff is coming from. People who like Shenmue (myself included) are a bit delusional in thinking the game is better than it really is. The game seems like it's really grandiose at first, but man does that idea fizz out when you have to wait days for the next story beat to present itself.

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Star Fox 64 has always been a game I never get tired of. I might like the Humungous games Freddi Fish and Spy Fox more, but those are like 20 minute escapades of hitting the escape button after clicking on an object so I'll say Star Fox 64.

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I think he should play FTL or Hotline Miami.

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I saw a message in front of an NPC that said "Be wary of giant but hole". I thought it was pretty funny.

That's my favorite too. Not to be a huge buzz kill, but I think "Praise the Sun" is the perfect motto/meme already.

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@elyk247: Running away from all the enemies then declaring "this is easier!" is hilarious. At any rate you could always try NG+ if you're not convinced. The 2H Mace Drakekeeper is harder than every boss in Dark Souls with a melee character.

I didn't say I ran away from every enemy I saw. Only past the ones that would have left me with hardly any estus flasks left. I said that the bosses were easier and the general enemies were tougher. I'm also talking from the perspective of a blind run through Dark Souls II, as Smough and Ornstein were ridiculously tough and were eventually downgraded in a patch that made Ornstein jump around far less. People have been playing Dark Souls for years now and know all the best equipment available, whereas Dark Souls II has just been released and we're still learning about it.