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  • Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Zelda: Wind Waker (Triforce shards)
  • Every Assassin's Creed game ever
  • Final Fantasy Tactics on PS1.

There are many other examples, the big one being RPG's and the level grinding needed to beat them. Sometimes it drives me crazy.

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So I know that there are repercussions for romancing both Triss and Yennifer, but do the other more casual romance encounters have any weight on how your desired partner's romance unfolds?

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The devs at CD Projeckt Red said they are going to patch in another Innkeeper at the White Orchard inn so you can get those cards if you missed them. I'm concerned about Gwent cards because so far they're like finding a needle in a stack of needles what with certain cards being randomly won from certain NPC's. I can't wait to read the gamefaq for this one when it eventually comes out. Stringent is the best word for all this damn collecting.

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The Witcher series is extremely dense in terms of lore and storytelling. The political struggles of Temeria in The Witcher are almost nearly identical to that of Westeros but I feel the addition of all the monsters and how the story solely focuses on Geralt's plight through all the madness makes it a bit more approachable than the 15+ POV characters in GOT. Also, the world of Mass Effect is basically infinite as it not only includes the Reaper cycle with Shepard, but all the previous ones, along with the one that created the Reapers which could provide countless other stories.

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@queersecretary: Jump on that Dark Souls train, brother man. Either one, they are both fantastic

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@corevi: I think Dan will help him out, but that's immediately what I thought too haha.

I think they will go for Shadow of Mordor for GOTY, but I think the indie titles like Jazzpunk and Shovel Knight have a better chance than people think.

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I think Dark Souls was better, but Dark Souls II was a great game too. Dark Souls II just lacked the same oomph Dark Souls had when it first came out, I think because most people knew what to expect.

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Looks like they're back on Steam in the USA.

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This certainly saves me the trouble of finding it on PS3 for a decent price. Hopefully the port will live up to expectations.

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I've always liked Shaun but I have to wonder if CBS had known about this before the layoffs recently, would they have kept Carolyn Petit or Tom McShea for the editorial position instead?