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@Rayfield said:
" It's a shame I never met you before you got banned, you seem like a fun dude. "
Don't even fucking get me started with you, all you fucking do EVERY FUCKING DAY is post depressing news stories and imply over and over again that people suck, WE FUCKING GET THE POINT, GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF.
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@Ineedaname: Do you see what I did there? "TerminatorfanX"? I'm saying that people change their opinions on anything just to seem cool to Jeff.
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" @Emandudeguyperson said:

" Shooters don't struggle on the PS3, you lie. "

Once again I am not talking about quality or ability to play or find games online, on the contrary I am saying those things are fine.  I am only referring to why they don't sell as well as I think they should.  I don't understand why games like Resistance and Killzone which I agree are better than Halo:ODST  which was an overpriced expansion can't come close to the sales of it.  Here is a short list that I compiled . I simply picked the top games that I could recall and looked them up on VGchartz.  If I missed one I will try to find it and I know it isn't fair to compare MAG to games that have been out for months and in some cases years but I just threw it in to show it didn't set the world on fire.

Game                                                                Platform                                   Sales

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2                      360                                           9.4 million

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2                      PS3                                           6.7 million

Call of Duty 5                                                  360                                           6.2 million

Call of Duty 5                                                  PS3                                           3.8 million

Gears of War                                                    360                                           6.0 million

Gears of War 2                                                 360                                           5.6 million

Halo 3                                                              360                                           10.8 million

Halo: ODST                                                     360                                           4.6 million

Resistance                                                        PS3                                           3.7 million

Resistance 2                                                     PS3                                           1.8 million

Killzone 2                                                         PS3                                           2.2 million

MAG                                                                PS3                                           0.3 million          "
Oh, you meant saleswise? I dunno, maybe the online service.
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I'm about sick of 99 fucking percent of the GiantBomb community, all you guys do is whine, bitch complain, moan, argue, I know all of your moves, for example:

What gamme should I get for my Xbox 360

 userX: what's a gamme? The Xbox 360 only plays games and DVDs
If GiantBomb gives any game of any type a 4 or 5 there will always be at least one user to bitch about how overrated it is.
 If Jeff posts anything, you automatically agree with him on anything, for example: 
"Jeff: I only liked the original Terminator."
terminatorfanX: yeah only teh 1st wun was gud 
Seriously, have a differing opinion for god's sake.
And the worst part of it all is the fact that you all think you are funny as fuck, I mean you all think you are ingenious comedians, the only truly funny user on here is BiffMcBlumpkin,and he rarely posts.
The second somebody posts a thread asking what they think of an old, obscure, and probably shitty show, the thread is flooded with comments like this:
userX: Dude yes (Old ass TV show or video game X) was the best thing ever.
My point is, fuck at least 95% of the GiantBomb community, you guys disgust me.
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@SeriouslyNow said:
" @Emandudeguyperson said:
" @Resident4t:@SeriouslyNow: Sure, right, you guys just keep telling yourselves that. *Eye roll*. "
Did your tampon fall out today or what?  You're coming off like a gigantic douche in every thread.  "
That's the point.
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@JJOR64 said:
" His run animation looks like the one from Sonic Rush. "
That's what I thought when I first saw the trailer,

What seems to be the problem here????? Nothing.

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@Resident4t:@SeriouslyNow: Sure, right, you guys just keep telling yourselves that. *Eye roll*.
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Make it a shitty ass cover based shooter and it will automatically get high scores from every critic.

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@Napalm said:
" Aw, look. The baby got angry at something. How cute. "
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@fuzzyponken: Yeah sure, I REALLY care what you think **Sarcasm**