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The game hates you, like, alot, but all you want to do is love it 0

WTF is a collection of weird and tedious minigames that are hardly any fun, but that's the point!  Did that hook you in? If not, WTF isn't the game for you.   No other info is needed, read the wiki dude.  Work                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Time                                                                             ...

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For better or worse it's basically GTA III 1

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories was a bad idea in 2005, because it gets rid of many of the features the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had. You can't buy a bribe to get your guns back, the cars are too loose, there's no Helicopters or planes, and there's a distinct lack of weather effects. But if you've never played GTA:SA then I suppose this is a good start, just don't expect the experience to be amazing through and through.I suppose I should start by saying GTA: LCS ...

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Honestly one of the most average games I've played. 0

November 9, 2005, Activision released GUN. A game that puts you in the shoes of Colton White, a cowboy on a quest for revenge. Yet, oddly enough, here is GUN: Showdown, an update released nearly a year after the original with, even more odd, hardly any updates. Now, I didn't play the original, but from some study I realized, the game is almost identical to the original. The gameplay is still average, the story is undercooked but has some potential, the graphics are good but the game is mostly em...

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Tekken: Dark Ressurection has flaws, but it's mostly a solid port 0

The Good: Mostly interesting characters + crazy story + amazing graphics, especially on the PSP + complex  fighting system makes for some great fights + great music + the Tekken Dojo is a great idea and is executed very well + lots of great different modes will keep you busy for a while + fun mini games The Bad: The AI is essentially broken - trying to pull off combos with the d-pad can be frustrating. Tekken: Dark Resurrection by no means, a bad game, what with its great fighting system, plus a...

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A funny little game definately worth it's $9.99 price tag 1

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is an Adult Swim game, so, to be honest, I'm suprised it doesn't suck too bad. Because you may remember the god-awful-abomination to video games that was Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am. Harvey Birdman, while short in length and in gameplay, it is definately worth a rent, maybe even a buy if you like Harvey Birdman and if you can find cheap.Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law isn't much of a game, but more of a puzzle, you will search through areas to find...

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Shadowrun is a game best suited for a gamer with great patience 0

Shadowrun is a game that has great potential, which is sad considering most of it goes un-tapped. Especially considering games like "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter" and "Rainbow Six: Vegas" on the market for similar prices and include more content.  As a result, Shadowrun is a game best suited for a gamer with great patience.Shadowrun puts you in the shoes of, well, nobody in particular, the game has multiple classes to choose from, Elfs, Dwarfs, humans, and trolls, all with their own pros and...

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A great idea spreaded far too thin 1

Crackdown has potential. But Crackdown has alot more potential then it does content. After beating Crackdown you will realize Crackdown is a great idea spreaded far too thin.In Crackdown you are basically a cop on steroids, with the ability to eventually jump 30+ feet in the air, run at a speed of about 60 miles per hour, and throw cars in the air. But before you can do all those things, you have to collect a number of agility orbs, of which there are a total of 500. But sadly, all 500 orbs aren...

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Dark Sector is a fun, satisfying, and visceral puzzle-action game 0

I came into Dark Sector not expecting too much, I only expected some mildly entertaining combat and decent graphics. But, as soon as I got to the second chapter, I realized, Dark Sector is amazing. With it's stunning graphics, fun, satisfying gameplay, and great voice acting and general sound design, I was suprised that it was deemed an average game by most critics.The game puts you in the shoes of Hayden, but the story the game gives you as to what's going on, is hard to make out. But it's okay...

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Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is perfection. 1

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is a tremendous improvement over the original Pursuit Force! It's a MUST buy!The Good:Great graphics - astounding musical score - really memorable missions - really memorable boss fights - varied voice acting - awesome story - with 3 very long, very deep modes, there is alot of replay value - lots of cool things to buy at the shop - the chief finally decided to stop yelling so muchThe Bad:.This game is a masterpiece, a pure masterpiece. The graphics are amazingly c...

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The game is fun while it lasts, but it's way too short. 0

When I first played this game I thought "Wow this game is awesome!" But after a while (about 2 hours,) I beat the game. Everything about the game is good, it's just that it's too short.Graphics: 9.5/10, awesome graphics, but there are a few clipping issues.Gameplay: 10/10, it has a really fast paced, fun fighting system.Sound: 10/10, all of the sounds and voice actors from the show are in it, and you can use the japanese voice track! So the sound is awesome.Controls: 10/10, really simple control...

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Pursuit Force is the most awesome game ever, next to it's sequel. 2

Pursuit Force is the most awesome game ever, next to it's sequel. It's graphics are awesome. The gameplay is SUPER awesome. The sound is cheesy awesome. You can't find anything wrong with this game other than it's REALLY hard on some levels, and the replay value isn't very high. PLEASE! Buy this game! It's the king of awesome!...

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