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I was an 8-year old in primary school. I didn't really understand the gravitas of the situation at the time and was more annoyed that my cartoons had been cancelled.

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@gregorygold: According to wikipedia, they don't actually start playing until 2015 anyway. And ditto on City. Although, I found myself hoping they'd win the title at the end of last season. You know, lesser of two evils and all that jazz.

edit: I shouldn't laugh, but this ad is hilarious now.

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I guess I'll be losing my MLS virginity tonight. Who should I be rooting for?

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@animasta: yeah, Messi had a few moments of brilliance but he really didn't deserve the golden ball award.

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@hassun: If I were the new guy at a place like giant bomb, the last thing I'd want to do would be antagonise my audience.

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Loving the sepp blatter boos

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Fuck, the world Cup's over. Now what am I supposed to do?

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Well that was nice of them

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@thomasnash: the less heard from andy townsend the better

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Sorry guys, this is my fault for putting money on the game finishing 3-2