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For everyone who has heard about the game, but maybe didn't feel comfortable buying it through Desura or the company's website... The Cat Lady is availabe on GOG now and (honestly) should be owned by everyone who is into (psychological) horror games.

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I think the combat is great, it's a lot of fun (with mouse and keyboard).

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Very nice read.

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The problem with this thread is that very few people who agree with you will reply in here, simply because they don't read the forums anymore, so it will definitely look like most people are fine with the removal.

I have no idea whether more or less people check out the forums now, but this is my first post in about 2? weeks, so yeah... I basically don't read anything from the community anymore.

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I finished it a couple of days ago and I absolutely loved it. It's definitely one of (if not) the most mature game(s) I have ever played and I would really like to see them making a game with a bigger budget. The writing is amazing, the characters are great, the atmosphere is fantastic... everything is really really good except for the clunky controls. Having said that... so far it's my game of the year.

Edit: If you are emotionally unstable (or a child) you should probably stay away from this game, it gets pretty dark.

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I use them far less. Out of sight, out of mind. Being able to scroll down to them vs. having to click over to a different page makes a huge difference, unfortunately. I think moving them off the front page was a big mistake.

Yup, I feel the same way. I mentioned it on the beta site, but nobody seemed to care.

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Yes, I prefer having everything on one site and I probably won't read or post anything on the forums in the future unless I'm looking for something specific.

Maybe it's a good thing for the site's performance (I've got no idea), but for me personally it was the "feature" I used the most on the whole site.

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I don't know yet.

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So it's not Twilight: Now With Zombies? That's a relief. Might be a good watch, then.

I don't understand where the comparisons to Twilight came from. From what I've seen Warm Bodies has been marketed only as a romantic comedy, not overly dramatic schlock.

You always have people who talk down on everything they don't understand. I've seen the first trailer of Warm Bodies and it looks great to me, I'll definitely watch it. (And I actually think the first Twilight movie is totally fine if you don't take it too seriously, so I wouldn't even see it as an insult to begin with)

I wasn't talking down on anything, thanks. I asked an honest question.

I honestly wasn't talking about you at all, you just happened to be the one who mentioned it.