Netflix Wii Get!!

So here are some pics, taken from my DSi ( because I'm poor and a bastard and cannot afford a real camera ). 
Compared to the PS3 Netflix, it is a tiny bit different. I don't want to say that its slightly better, because they are the same thing, but I do want to say that it is easier to go browse around compared to the 360 and PS3 Netflix. 
Also, the controller has little functions. Control Pad does navigation, 1 button plays, B button goes back...and so on. 

The video quality is that of streamed DVD quality, so what can you expect? If you have Netflix and a Wii, or know someone that has a Wii, make sure to get yourself your free disc

A Series of Titles for Your DSi XL

 Greetings, fellow Gentlemen & Gentlewomen. 

I here have a small list for your viewing pleasure, of course, of quite fine video game product for your new Nintendo DSi XL. These titles are what I believe to be "must haves" that will take a good advantage of your new found screen real estate. 
Please feel free to peruse this quite fine video game product list. 
W. B. Goodfellowe  
Rhythm Heaven - Nintendo 

GTA Chinatown Wars - Rockstar 

New Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo 

Mario Kart DS - Nintendo 

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword - Tecmo 

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Nintendo 

Moon - Gamecock 

Korg DS-10 Plus - Xseed (images from Original Korg DS-10. Basically the same software, but DS-10+ has more synths/drums)

ArtStyle PictoBits - Nintendo | 500 Points | NES Inspired Puzzling

Dark Void Zero - Capcom | 500 Points | NES Style Platforming Action 

Starship Defense - Nintendo | 500 Points | Classic Tower Defense Game in a Fantastic Space Presentation    

Sudoku Student - Hudson | 200 Points | Great Sudoku Title 

Trajectile - Nintendo | 500 Points | Classic Arcade Style Action/Puzzle Game "Perfect for the larger screens" 

Bomberman Blitz - Hudson | 500 Points | Classic Bomberman action and 4 player online 


A Series of Games for Your PlayStation 3 Vol. 1

Greetings, fellow Gentlemen & Gentlewomen. 

I here have a small list for your viewing pleasure, of course, of quite fine video game product for your PlayStation 3 VES*. All priced, of course, at Thirty American Dollars or Less**. These quite fine video game product are sold through and by various fine mercantile members, and shipping duties fulfilled by a one, Inc. of Seattle Washington, U.S.A. 
Please feel free to peruse this quite fine video game product list. 
W. B. Goodfellowe 
*Sony PlayStation 3 Video Entertainment System **$30.00 or less, plus or minus some exceptions 
Titles are not in any specific order

Game - PublisherGenreLink
 Midinight Club: LA Complete Edition - Rockstar Racing $27.99
 Dark Void - Capcom "If you liked the DSi game" Action $29.99
 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe - Midway "The game that broke Midway Fighting $29.92
 Eternal Sonata - Namco Bandai Role-Play $27.35
 God of War Collection - Sony Action $29.96
 BioShock - 2K  Adventure $17.45
 Burnout Paradise - EA  Racing $18.25
 Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Tecmo Action $19.99
 Oblivion Game of the Year - Bethesda  Role-Play $29.99
 Assassin's Creed - UBI Soft  Adventure $19.79
 Battlefield: Bad Company - EA  Action $18.25
 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - Lucas Arts  Action $18.10
 Enchanted Arms - UBI Soft Role-Play $21.97
 Dark Sector - D3 Publisher Action $9.79
 Dead Space - EA Adventure $17.99
 Resident Evil 5 - Capcom Action $28.90
 Wolfenstein - Activision Action $23.39
 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Sony Adventure $23.14
 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Konami Action $19.99
 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection - Sega Compilation $17.99
 Lego Batman - Warner Bros. Action $19.96
 James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace  - Activision                           Action $10.99
 Bionic Commando - Capcom Adventure $18.87
 Red Faction Guerilla - THQ Action $19.96
 Grand Theft Auto IV - Rockstar Adventure $27.99
 Unreal Tournament III - Midway Action $19.95
 Fight Night Round 3 - EA Fighting $19.82
 Fight Night Round 4 - EA Fighting $27.99
 Virtua Fighter 5 - Sega          Fighting $18.56
 Sonic Unleashed - Sega Adventure $19.99
 F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - Warner Bros  Action $19.99
 The Darkness - 2k Adventure $22.99
 Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Sega Adventure $19.99
 TimeShift - Sierra          Action $12.99
   Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Capcom                       Action $17.32
 The Club - Sega Action $18.13
   Viking: Battle for Asgard - Sega        Action $19.99
 Incredible Hulk - Sega Action $22.99
 Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena - Atari Adventure $19.99
 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Activision Action $15.60
 Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard - D3 Publisher Action $19.49
 Saints Row 2 - THQ                         Adventure $19.20
 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Lucas Arts Adventure $15.50
 Armored Core: For Answer - UBI Soft Action $20.28
 Prince of Persia - UBI Soft Adventure $19.99
 Army of Two - EA Action $19.99
 NBA Live 09 - EA   Sports $11.79
 Mirror's Edge - EA         Adventure $15.79
 The Simpson's game - EA Adventure $18.99
 Ghostbusters: Video Game - Atari Adventure $19.99
 Genji: Days of the Blade - Sony Action $19.79
 Soul Calibur IV - Namco Bandai Fighting $19.79
 Overlord II - Codemasters                                                  Adventure $29.96
 Overlord: Raising Hell - Codemasters                    Adventure $19.99
 Devil May Cry 4 - Capcom Action $19.59
 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Naughty Dog Adventure $27.99
 Pinball Hall of Fame: William's Collection - Crave Pinball $17.96
 Street Fighter IV - Capcom Fighting $27.99
 Dragon's Lair - Capcom? Blu-Ray Arcade $29.99
 Valkyria Chronicles** - Sega Strategy $31.19
 WipeOut HD Game Code - Sony Racing $19.99
 PixelJunk 3 in 1 Racers/Eden/Monsters Game Code - Sony Compilation $19.99 
 Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection Game Code - Namco Bandai Fighting $19.99
 Flower Game Code - Sony Action $9.99 
 Braid Game Code - Hot Head Puzzle $14.99
 Pixel Junk Shooter Game Code - Sony Action $9.99
  Uno Game Code - Sony Cards  $7.99
 Fat Princess Game Code - Sony     Action $14.99
 Echochrome Game Code - Sony Puzzle $9.99
 Marvel vs Capcom 2 Game Code - Capcom Fighting $14.99 
 BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Aksys Fighting $29.99

Thoughts on Metal Slug 7

  Very recently I bought and received Metal Slug 7. I was a bit surprised when I opened the shipping box because the copy I got seemed to be a limited edition/pre order type of deal. It has a paper sleeve with a nice shiny "metallic" finish. With the package, there was a Metal Slug 7 dog tag, and inside the case there is what looked like a GameCube disc. Turn out the "GameCube" disc is just a small CD with a few wallpapers and some short promotional videos from Ignition Entertainment for other titles. 

So far I've played the game on my DSi and DS Lite. I also hooked up the DS Lite to my PC speakers for a beefier "arcade experience" with sound. Overall, I think MS7 is a good game, but there are things in that I can't agree with. So first, let me start with some things I liked: 
  • Six characters to choose from, all with their own special abilities
  • Variety of vehicles
  • Looks like Metal Slug
  • Sounds like Metal Slug
  • 80 Training Missions
  • Three levels of difficulty, some affecting character stats
The first thing I noticed while playing was that it had a very fast and fluid frame rate. My friend currently has my Metal Slug Anthology, and I've mostly been playing Metal Slug 2 from the Virtual Console, which if you own, you know that is suffers from extreme slowdown.  

I've noticed from playing the game that it supports a tiny bit of touch screen interaction. The problem I see with it is that it was only to check the stats of the six characters by scrolling through text on the bottom screen. My problem with this is that it makes it somewhat clear to me that the developers did not know what to do with the touchscreen. When playing the game, the bottom screen is usually filled up with a static brick background, and a very shoddy map that shows an overall look at the level, which can be scrolled around with your stylus. 
Sometimes I like the idea of a game either having no touchscreen options, or some touchscreen options. I mean, if touchscreen support really worked well with the game, then use it. I feel like the developers built the game first, and then had the problem of coming up with a solution for the bottom screen. 
Metal Slug 7 players can pick up multiple weapons throughout the game, and carry two of them at a time ( three weapons if you include your pistol ) like in Metal Slug 6. You switch weapons by pressing the L button, which is a shame because this is where the touchscreen support could have come. I believe that if they just put two over sized weapon with ammunition count on the bottom screen, it could have made the game play a bit better. This way you could just switch guns on the fly AND have your ammo counts. Also, maybe add smaller graphics on the touch screen for discarding a weapon, instead of pressing a combination of buttons on the DS. 
Illustrated example of what i'm talking about.  

Another awkward feeling I have with the game is that it starts you fighting large enemy weapons too early in the game. You also come in contact with weapon pick ups like Rocket Launchers and other oddities way too quickly. And if I think about it, I believe there is a possibility of playing most of the game's weapons in the first mission. I just feel like the game begins too quickly. It throws at you all kinds of enemy types, and all these extra weapons that you can't possibly use. 
There is also a "training" mode. Basically you have 80 missions with different objectives like collecting items or defeating enemies. There is nothing weird with that, but there is a problem that there is an "instructor". The instructor is a generic anime girl in military uniform, and she doesn't really do much except move her mouth when she is "talking" to you. You also get to talk to the instructor. Even though the conversation between you and the instructor is a bit amusing, I feel like was yet another thing that the developers gave no thought. I mean, who is this person and why is she here? In all the missions you basically just go through the game levels... 
I dunno, I'm just weird. 
Two more things that I would like to talk about. Metal Slug Advance for the GBA and Cooperative gameplay in the Metal Slug series. 

If any of you have played Metal Slug Advance, you know that the game has a tweak in the life system. Instead of having one hit kill lives like you usually would, Metal Slug Advance has a health bar system. You take damage from weapons and pick up food items to heal. Now, this isn't something that I would have liked in Metal Slug 7. I would have found it much more interesting if they included the card collecting system that MSA has. Basically by rescuing POWs or shooting secret areas, collectible cards would pop out. Some of these cards were simply informational, but some had game changing effects which could boost your character's stats, or even unlock special Slugs.
There is also a Rush Blaster Meter in this game. Basically for those of you who remember, if you cause enough destruction, the meter will turn white and whenever you defeat enemies, they spew out coins that can greatly increase your score. It would have been really neat if collecting coins actually added into a game piggy bank, and you could spend them on stuff. Character info, secret stuff, soundtracks, or goofy modes... whatever, it would just have been neat. Added with the whole card collecting concept, and I believe it would have added some good extra replay value to the game.  
I feel like Metal Slug is very much a co-op experience, while it is also a solo game. Its the same way with something like Smash TV. Once can have loads of fun shooting up weirdos, but adding a second player into the game just makes it ten times more fun. Unfortunately, Metal Slug 7 contains no form of co-op multiplayer... which is just so sad. The way I saw it, Metal Slug was about running and gunning with a pal. Blasting foes left and right, covering each other, sharing or hogging all the heavy machine guns... y'know, that kinda stuff. 
Overall, I think it is a solid effort by SNK Playmore. But if they ever decide to do a Metal Slug 8, they need to really go back to basics. Perhaps make it a side game like the MegaMan X series. Call it Metal Slug Z, or something... whatever, just as long as they take their time to focus on a very solid game. The next game doesn't even have to be on a handheld! It can certainly come via digital download. If the game tries some 2.5D, it can even be a small disc release. 
Also, Metal Slug 7 will be available on PSP as Metal Slug XX, which does include co-op and some DLC shenanigans. 

Front cover of Metal Slug XX (US) for PSP

Let's Muscle March!! Sooooooo Cool!

Thanks to the cool dude that is Godwind for gifting this game, I get to write a post about Muscle March. 

You cannot resist the abs.

All right, so this game came out in Japan last year, I believe, and havn't heard much from it since then. It was released today on the NA Virtual Console. 
First of all, the game is super colorful and the intro screen is a clear warning of what the game holds for you if you dare. I think a lot of people will be reminded of a Katamari flavor when playing this. 
There are seven characters to choose from, all different nationalities, so for my first run I went with Rossi the Cheerful Polar Bear from Norway. 

With that I chose the first stage called CIty. City basically revolves around you running through a city! BUT WHY?? Because the body builder's protein powder has been stolen ( yeah, more like steroids, amirite? Except I do not believe Rossi would do steroids for Rossi is a Polar Bear)  

So, I was doing pretty good, making all the poses and stuff, seeing my team mates slip on banana peels, until it I was the only one left. :( For the Warm-Up round I did pretty good chasing the football player. I knocked him down, and the gang dog piled the sucker. BUT, the protein powder escaped and was stolen by an alien on a hoverboard! 

You gotta waggle to tackle!
I was doing pretty good with chasing the alien, but ultimately I failed when a Mecha Muscle dude appeared. 
The three stages, by the way, are City, Village, and Space Station. Each has three different rounds of play, with two unique thieves per stage, and one common final thief. I like the Space Station thieves the best, though the village ones were pretty cool. 
All the characters in the background are like dancing cardboard cutouts, while objects are 3D models. For the first and second stage, I got up to the third thief, but I ultimately gave up because it was difficult! You're gonna need some good reflexes for that last thief. 
BUT, I did complete the entire third stage with one continue. At the end of each game you get a point total and are ranked in Muscle. 
There's also a four player Endless Rush mode, but I only tried the first player variant of it. In that mode, you chase down a Gold Mecha Muscle on a rainbow. 
Overall a really weird and awesome game. My only problem with it is that sometimes the poses can mess up, making you lose a heart. 
Also, I'm not sure if you can unlock any extra characters... though it would be cool. 
I have to go back and beat that first and second stage. 
Also, I would like to add that this is what the Wii is about. 

The WiiConnect24 thing is pretty sweet. A few days ago, I got my TV back. That meant I could start playing Wii again. While adjusting all my system settings, I decided to take a look at my Adress Book. On there, I have a person named MetroidFan. I met this person around the time that Metroid Prime 3 Corruption came out. This was back in the days of GameSpot forums. We added each other and would exchange friend tokens to unlock stuff in the game. 
Its weird that after sending him a message, in what seemed like forever, he actually replied back. The thing I also like about this system, is that I can get messages and news through it, and my Wii tells shows me when I get new messages and news. 
Also, what is possibly the most underrated thing on the console is the game gifting option. People don't realize that we can actually share (for a price) our favorite games with our friends. Never played Balloon Fight? Gifted! Never played a single TurboGrafx game? Well now you can! 
Sure, the console doesn't keep me online 24/7. Nobody knows of my presence online. And I'm really fine with that. I'd rather you tell me what games you are playing than me having to check your achievement list or what not. 
Anyhoo, I also got to actually try my WiiSpeak a few days ago. AND I also got to do a 3 player Animal Crossing run. The WiiSpeak is actually a very interesting piece. Instead of a single person hogging a headset, everyone in the room can participate, and that is what I believe the Wii is going for. 
I could hear my friend, her boyfriend, and their parents speaking to one another. Their parents were actually speaking to each other, while their childrens fooled around on Animal Crossing in the same room which I just found to be nuts. One parent thanked the other over WiiSpeak for the Christmas cards they got... which was something interesting to experience for me. 
This is why the Wii is my main console. I know it sounds nuts, but it is. 
And if I ever want that big ol' online 10 vs 10 deal, I play my TF2.

My new goodies!

These are some of the nice goodies I got today in the mail from Amazon. The Book of Genesis, by Robert Crumb. Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Starting Point 1979-1996, Hayao Miyazaki's sketchbook and essays. And E. C. Segar's Popeye vol 2. 
Also got two resistance bands so I can work on my non existent Popeye muskles.

Fantastic Interview with Satoru Iwata and Shigesato Itoi from '07

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this interview ( or Iwata Asks type of moment ) with Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo (Former President of HAL Labs) and Shigesato Itoi (Of Mother/Earthbound fame). Just a few days ago I actually got around to reading all of it, and it really has some interesting information. 
In fact, pretty much all the Iwata Ask's articles have interesting information, and I highly recommend that every one read them even if you don't like the games, or hate Nintendo and what not. 
So yeah, this piece is from 2007. They get talking about the DS, Shigeru Miyamoto, game philosophy, development problems during Earthbound, and how Iwata used to spy on Miyamoto to find his "secret". 
Its also interesting when they get to the part of game sequels as "taking the easy way out". Which is funny because some of the bigger games next year are just sequels. (Forced Unleashed 2, Batman 2, Dead Space 2) 
"The Definition of Idea"