Steam sale owns me.

So I bought the id Collection, Orange Box, CSS, Bioshock, and Multiwinia+Darwinia from the Steam sale. Suhweet, now I'm broke!

I guess I'll be playing a lot of the Orange Box once my new computer comes, and I'll finally be able to play Stalker with a decent frame rate.

Other than that, I bought two huge H.P Lovecraft and H.G. Wells collections, Osamu Tezuka's Apollo's Song, and vol 1 of Vagabond.
Oh, and some Shmup toys and a Shooting Watch from Play-Asia, but those things aren't here yet.

oh-oh, and Dead Rising from Amazon... but that's not here yet.

oh-oh-oh-yeah! I also got Omega Five from XBLA.


Update 9/21

Well just updating the blog. Megaman 9 is supposed to be coming out on Monday, right? Well I just bought some Microsoft points for Castle Crashers and lucky for me I have 800 points left ( which I'm hoping is how much the game costs ). Unless its coming out for Wii first... but whatever. I think I'm going to start doing more wiki stuff and going through more of my TurboGrafx games for pics or updating more Turbo games.

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New here...

Damn, I should have signed up here a long ass time ago. The whole idea of being able to edit stuff and add things to contribute makes me all warm and squishy inside.

Anyhoo, just testing everything out.

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