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Posted by Emilio

Unless you're a lawyer. 
Thoughts? Agree/Dis-Agree?

Posted by turbomonkey138

This will not end well.

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Thanks. Your comment and mine has surely added to this copyright conversation. 
Btw, all content in here is © You and Me.

Posted by LeetBalla

If you enjoy laughing at ignorance, I've got a deal for you! Internet forums!

Posted by Emilio
Yeah, no. Why would you laugh at ignorant people? Honestly, give me an answer.
Posted by Vodun

Dude, I totally created a topic on copyrights before you. You need to close this shit down or I'm suing.

Posted by supermike6

Am I supposed to be laughing?

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Woah, easy, brother... I'm just here for academic purposes and as a critic on Copyrights in general. 
I made this blog because I had content which was supposedly "copyrighted" by some company named "Future PLC" who "controls" most of the printed magazines in the "world" removed on this "website". 
"You get what I'm saying" ?
Posted by Vodun
Posted by Emilio
It's like you think everything on the internet is supposed to be a joke. 
This is a serious topic, and so far not a single person has put anything on the table. 
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Depends, some stuff it seems is almost pointless to copyright, i mean game faqs gets copyrights but the thing is unless its a single well know person that dose all kinds of them it dont matter anyways dose it?

Sorta ironic really, if you got a copyright for something you made and no one cares or it something of no value anyways then why dose it matter. But on the same hand if its well known then even if someone copys it everyone would know the person who copied it was full of shit. They sorta only matter to the small time writers in between who make a profit but are not well known.

Really its 5AM and i have no idea what im saying myself, so i'll reflect later and see what i actually said here and if i was in my right mind.

Posted by ReyGitano

You've done it now. In fact you could say it's on like Donkey Kong... or is that trademarked? It's late, I'm going to bed. Real thought is taking too much effort right now.

Posted by Xeiphyer

If you want serious discussion, don't write your entire thread as a joke, and actually add some content to discuss.

Posted by ZombiePie

Someone thought they were being funny but didn't read the Forum Rules about discussing circumnavigating copy protection.