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Classic Pro


Woah this thing is old...

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@jetsetwillie said:

people don't buy androids for games, they buy them because there are not iphones


@MB: I have it on PC...

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You know, something that isn't ported from the PC, or a glorified Flash game.

Is there anything worth looking at?

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I don't own it, but I did play it for a bit. It was surprisingly solid in the fighting, but I didn't try the single player.

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Can Rockstar or Team Bondi's survivors tell?

Thanks, great game!

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So what happened to that fellow that used to post as the Hulk?

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Yes, as the title says: You, the artist, create your ultimate game characters. Here are some of mine.

Douglas Michaels: The Penny Man

Creepy Animal Mount for Monster Battlers

Galaxy Video Boxing Association 3: Fight the Powa 2 - Round 2

Circus Charlie 2

Virtual Snail Simulator

Nintendo Ice Hockey 2

Lock'n'Chase: Back 2 Business

Alienz on Railz

Not Another Metroid Clone: No Space Marines Either

Zombie Girlfriend (Japan Only)

Sony Pictures Presents: Popeye Murder Parade: Sock 'Em, Bop 'Em, Watch'Em Bleed! (AO Rating, CERO Z)

-Sold under PAL title: Sony Pictures Presents: Popeye Crunch Time: Steal All Their Beer (PEGI 18, not sold in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Hong Kong, or Madagascar)

Mach Rider Returns

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Deus Ex or Worms Ultimate Mayhem.

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Ok, here is one more.






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tell me if you claim it, btw