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Hey - so I've been having a really infuriating problem over the last few months. Randomly, usually about once every 2 days - I won't be able to play any videos on Giantbomb, and I can't post in the forums. I can GET to the videos/forums, but clicking/functionality is gone.

The videos show the big play button (but not the progress bar) when it's freaking out like this. See screenshot below.

The forum bug is different. Basically, I just can't select the typing area (where you're reading this now). I am unable to make any kind of posts because I can't have any content in the text fields.

I've tried the following steps before, and none of them seem to fix it when it goes all bat-shit crazy on me:

1) Completely wipe browsing history (cookies, temporary files, etc) - in browsers and using Microsoft's internet options stuff

2) Turn off all adblock/antispyware/firewalls

3) CMD - ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /renew

4) Reset modem

5) Reset router

This stuff just eventually goes away, but it can take over a day, and MAN is it annoying.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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OK, it's old as hell and probably doesn't hold up anymore. But at the time, it was pretty sweet. I wouldn't play it again myself (with Skyrim/Oblivion being available now) but I played it 2-3 times, including expansions, when it first came out.

You have to see it as a history lesson, not a modern game. It was a fantastic step forward when it came out, and it set the standard of all its successors.

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Intel fanboy here :D

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Trap it with a "toilet paper net" - drape 3-4 pieces of TP over it then flush

should work

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I never really had a huge problem with Cyberdisks (grenade or rocket them immediately - to kill the drones off) - but holy FUCK the Sectopods are nasty. If you don't like Discs - you ain't see shit yet

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It's San Francisco

The rent rates there are absolutely fucking insane - I used to live close by S.F. and believe me, it ain't cheap no matter WHAT your job is - I understand completely why any reasonable person would room up

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thanks fellas

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Aaargh! I'm having a massive brain-fart and need to remember the name of this stupid game!

It's a really weird, cheap "space sim" where you (the captain) randomly decide to go on a final adventure. I think you have 30 days or something before you just die. Tons of weird crap happens (you find space yetis, get raided by giraffe pirates, etc.) randomly as you go. The combat, when it happens, is basically turn based and involves moving your fleet around in 3D space to get angles on the enemy ships.

I also remember it being really red....

What's the name??! Thanks bombers!

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Trick question. Take the TABLE - break off the legs and use THEM.