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Some of these changes/units seem so crazy and exploitable that I don't see how they make it into the final version. The Replicant, burrowed Baneling movement, the Shredder and the new spellcasters in particular. They basically make this an entirely different game, which is both good and bad I guess.

I will personally like the variety and playing with the new units, but this will throw the pro scene into complete disarray, even assuming that everyone switches over to HotS. You'll basically have to rethink and redevelop entire strategies for every matchup and we'll be back where we were at the start of WoL. And as spectators we'll have to relearn everything and we'll possibly lose pros who can't pick up the new game.

@empathe: Did you get a sense of how the community thinks this will affect tournaments/pros? In my mind SC2 is building a lot of momentum as a competitive game and is breaking through in some ways that other games haven't, but I think Blizzard could easily be shooting themselves in the foot by releasing a follow-up that radically changes things and then pushing the pro scene to switch over.

I think it's way too early to tell since so much of this will change between now & beta & launch.

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@empathe: Is the burrowed Baneling/Ultralisk movement a Hive upgrade?

I'm not 100% on the banelings - that game I loaded up versus AI and just clicked everything. The demo was limited to 30 minutes a session so I didn't have time to actually write it all down and take note.

The Ultralisk ability is given to them by default upon hatching.

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Follow-up questions! Whose got'em?

Did you get to meet or see MVP or Nestea or MMA or DRG or Fantasy or Bisu or Jangbi or Jaedong or Day9 or Tasteless or Artosis?

Unfortunately, no!

I didn't get to go Friday and Saturday was crammed with getting this coverage done.

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Follow-up questions! Whose got'em?

How mobile/tough/expensive is the Oracle (since we are talking about a harassment unit) ?

Also, did you get a chance to try the campaign or the new mod/DOTA stuff? Kerrigan's gameplay previews look very similar to Dawn of War 2's Force Commander thus far.

I *think* the Oracle was 200/200, but I'm not 100% sure. It's fairly fast, I'd say roughly Muta speed? It's really weak, though, and easily killed. Easy enough to zip in, shut down the minerals or a building and zip out, but it's going to get sniped easily if they are playing defense.

For the campaign, it wasn't any different from what Brad saw back at the end of May, so I'd suggest you just read his coverage: http://www.giantbomb.com/news/plunging-into-the-heart-of-starcraft-iis-zerg-swarm/3274/

DOTA? Well, patience.

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Follow-up questions! Whose got'em?

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Getting this for sure! looks great.

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No more MK4 characters, please.