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Dust and a sense of rejection. Sorry Xbox, I have a PC.

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I don't think they were worth the production time and effort. They felt to me like a holdover from the Gamespot days. QLs serve the same purpose in most cases, giving an outline of the reviewers general opinion of a game then referring the viewer to the long-form review.

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It is a shame the stories he likes to tell are the worst boiler plate, clichéd pulp imaginable.

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One day having to fight in a war or getting somebody pregnant.

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Not what I thought this thread would be about. Guess I should put my trousers back on.

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@Gruff182 said:

Women over here are typically obsessed with the 'celebrity' this one also happens to be a bit mental.

I think that come across as a little bit sexist. The Sun, Mail, Mirror and Star are the best selling papers in the UK. Most of their content is inconsequential celebrity gossip and are read by men and women. The obsession with celebrity is not reserved to women. Typically men have the added obsession of team sport which is equally inconsequential and just serves as a thing to become invested in for its own sake (damn, now I sound sexist for implying that women don't like sport).

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There is a bit of a Network vibe to this kind of video and the internets' obsession with them. I like the fact that she cares about a thing a decided to make something about it, even if it is just a talking head video. If she directed her energy into a celebrity gossip blog she would probably do really well. I don't care about what she has to say but lots of people are into that sort of thing.

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Health and safety inspecters hate calzone because is has a tendency to be undercooked and give people food poisoning.

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The Beat Generation.

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It always freaks me out when I see pre-payed Runescape cards in W.H. Smiths. I can't believe it still exists.

I've actually spotted a CGI Runescape advert on TV a couple of times recently.

We are doomed.