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They're saying that because the yen is strong against the dollar, it's more likely that this will translate to a $250 price point in the US. 
I'd buy the thing for $300 though.

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I've been visiting Giantbomb for over a year now. I first became a fan of the podcast and more recently have been enjoying the wacky yet informative videos. And let's face it; Ryan, Brad, Jeff, and Vinny are some of the most entertaining dudes to watch and listen to out there, regardless of whether you are into video games or not. I WANT to become a member but there's one issue I've always had and that is with the news coverage. It simply isn't comprehensive enough for me to make Giantbomb my primary video game website. I've always been willing to look past this shortcoming and use alternative websites for my news needs. However, if I'm considering a membership (and I really am!), Giantbomb needs to be my one-stop gaming website. I need to be able to visit Giantbomb and KNOW what's going on in the industry.  I've worked for small gaming websites in the past as a news editor, it doesn't take THAT much time to get those press releases up and write a small blurb summarizing the main points. 
 Does anyone feel this way about the news? Am I off my rocker or what?

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I want this!! Someone seriously needs to get into the nitty gritty of Ice-T's love of gaming. As far as I know, no one has gotten real far into it. How it started, why he is willing to dedicate so much time to gaming despite being rich and famous.

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I also agree with this notion. In the meantime, where is the best place to post questions and concerns regarding the new membership services?