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It sure seemed like GTA V was a pretty large technical shift from GTA IV, and even more so for the games before that. Part of the awesome appeal of GTA, for me at least, was the totally stupid shit you could do. The ragdoll physics, the dumb shootouts you would get into, sending yourself flying across the map.

GTA V doesn't necessarily allow for all of that, at least not to the level of previous games. The newer games, while not necessarily being self-serious, don't allow you to do the super dumb shit that you used to be able to do in previous versions.

For that reason, I prefer the old ones for their timeless replay-ability and sandbox-y-ness, but the newer games (specifically GTA V) for their technical ability.

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Drew is my favorite.

Seriously. I will watch/listen to anything that guy does on the site.

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I was doing some browsing today, and I stumbled upon this little game called Nothing to Hide.

I'm not sure if it has been discussed at all or posted around here, but it was pretty fascinating. The way the game handles the intro and outro are very unique, and it is successful at what it sets out to do, which is to be a puzzler that also offers some social commentary. It seems especially prevalent given all the NSA and security/surveillance news. That made it pack a real punch to me, at least.

For some reason, it really grabbed me and I wanted to share with the wonderful people here. This seems like a game Patrick would enjoy playing, and I'm curious if he has played it and I just missed it.

I'm going to avoid putting the direct link to the game here because I don't want this to be construed as promotion, but you can easily find it through a Google search. I was mostly just curious if any of you had played it (which I'm sure you have), and what your thoughts are on it. I haven't been on the GB message boards in a while, so I'm slightly out of the loop.

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Naughty Dog destroys. I enjoy Insomniac games, but ND is just consistently insane.

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What a pile of hot garbage this match was. Great defending, but apart from the first ten and last ten minutes, nothing happened. At all.

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@salarn: Those realistic rocket physics though.

Totally worth it.

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Man... from a games perspective, I'd say picking up Counter Strike: Source when I was like 8 has led to me playing tons of that game.

Super Meat Boy and FTL are up there too, along with Civ 5.

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I fucking loved the first 4 Call Of Duty games (especially 1 and 2). Sad to see where that franchise has gone.

Also, Mass Effect. The third one was such a huge letdown that I'll never return to that series.

I would even say that MW2 added enough to the multiplayer to make it extraordinarily awesome, but I agree, the next games have been bummers. Best after MW2 was probably BlOps 2 for me.