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@big_jon: Bungle Pro Video.

I want the Bungie Kids back.

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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: Wow, this actually bums me out, but you're not wrong.

And no, I can't imagine that developers will really care that far in the future. I'm sure there will be "Definitive Edition's" with patches and DLC by the time this would be an issue.

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@auron570 said:

Do people not give much thought when pre-ordering or paying full price for a game?

Honestly... no they don't. I've had this conversation with friends and co-workers, and most don't see the problem with preordering even when I try to explain that games are going to keep coming out broken as long as developers get their money up front.

It's really unfortunate and it's something that has to change. It's also why I'm opting to build a PC now rather than owning a new console (still running on my old 360 for the time being).

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It's a bummer, too. I have really liked Luke Smith ever since I first heard him and Sketch on the Bungie Podcast many, many years ago. I still re-listen to those pods.

I really don't even know anymore.

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Doesn't seem like there's anyone on there... ?

You just type /join giantbomb, right?

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@max_careful: My rotation is about the same. Mostly just League and CS because I'm a broke college student. Welcome!

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@fr0br0: Sounds like you should just get Payday 2 and call it a day.

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@aquamarin: I know this thread is old, but I was just re-listening to the one where Jeff reads the DSI-Ware release for "Enjoy Your Massage".

I was doing some programming in the lab and started bursting out laughing and got weird looks.

"You just have to do your best"

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I had UK winning it all cause I'm not a crazy person. Damn.

I did pick MSU to go to the Final Four, though. At least I have that.

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It sure seemed like GTA V was a pretty large technical shift from GTA IV, and even more so for the games before that. Part of the awesome appeal of GTA, for me at least, was the totally stupid shit you could do. The ragdoll physics, the dumb shootouts you would get into, sending yourself flying across the map.

GTA V doesn't necessarily allow for all of that, at least not to the level of previous games. The newer games, while not necessarily being self-serious, don't allow you to do the super dumb shit that you used to be able to do in previous versions.

For that reason, I prefer the old ones for their timeless replay-ability and sandbox-y-ness, but the newer games (specifically GTA V) for their technical ability.