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Wooo Destiny! Sent a request to join a while back, at the moment says pending request.

GT - EmptyApartment

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Sent over a request, same name as here. One month away!

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Was hoping to play at my little brothers house (I don't own a PS4 yet), so made sure he signed up the other day. Come today I asked if he has gotten an email and he's response is "I put in a fake email when I made the account" *facepalm* lol Has everybody just been getting the email and no PSN message as well? Thought they were going to do PSN message, so just wondering. Was really hoping to play some of the Alpha.

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Darn all out, thanks those that did provide some though!

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Good evening fellow bombers, I just wanted to do a quick post to say I am now love streaming Dark Souls II! I really nowadays don't make post like these anymore, since streaming & finding streams is such a common thing now, but felt with it being a Souls game it was a special occasion! (The original DkS was the first game I ever streamed on it's release and met a lot of very cool people through the GB thread, that I still chat with to this day).

I always keep an eye on chat, so feel free to drop on by, hang out, chat, & ask any questions. We're a friendly group.

Currently Online

I wanna give a BIG thank you to the GB community, streaming a ton of the Souls games (and others) over the past two years has been a blast. The people in Twitch chat have really made it crazy fun experience & I think a lot of that was due to this community. Thanks to all those that have stopped by, watched, & chatted, I greatly appreciate it.

The original Dark Souls Stream thread

With love, Empty.

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@joshwent: Yup 12 is the highest you can get, then yeah it'll just go to opening up your winnings. Good luck with your future runs!

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Just had this run tonight. 12-1 with Paladin.

Rewards: 465 gold, 1 Nourish Card, 1 pack

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Yeah before the initial wipe I spent some bucks to open some packs since I couldn't resist lol Once the wipe happened they refunded you back with gold & now Ive been mostly using that for Arena's and getting packs that way. Works out, plus don't really mind spending some money on a game I play as much as this one.

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Having fun with the game, always feel free to add me. :)

Empty#1850 NA

Anyone that opted in to the beta but still hasn't been sent a invite, be sure to check your whole inbox! For it to be in the promotions tab in gmail is a common one people miss. Since anyone that signed up prior to 12/16 should have received a invite now.