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@kerse: It's spelled 'Semetary' because that's how it was spelled on the sign leading to the cemetery in the book/movie.

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Razorback is one of my favourite B-List films. It feels like Jaws of the outback.

Another great Australian film to check out is Wake in Fright. It might be more of a thriller than a horror, but it's a damn fine movie.

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I fought my way to the top a bell tower slowly taking each level. On my way up I left traps to stop any enemies coming up behind me.

I reached the top of the tower, and was instructed to walk back down...then this happened.


Turned the game off and walked away.

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Started downloading this before leaving for work this morning. Hopefully it has Wing Commanders great story telling, and Freespace's amazing combat, and not vice versa. Either way, there goes my weekend.

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@SlashseveN303: ohhhh, okay. You just said get a 'good recording of Guile's theme', not 'learn to play and re-record Guile's theme'....Although I was wondering why your fingers were stripped of flesh. 
Well you sound damn busy this weekend, best of luck (would love a link to the vid if you ever get it recorded)
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I did the same thing. I must have started Fallout four times, and I would sit and play for as long as I could in a single sitting, but the second I turned it off, I never turned it back on. The graphics and game-play just presented too much of a barrier to entry. I really wish I could enjoy them as much as everyone else seems to.
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Not too bad at all thank-you for asking.   

My wife has been travelling internationally without me for a week now, and I'm starting to feel a bit lonely. 
But yesterday, I finished BtTF ep.3, and Bulletstorm, and started watching Freaks and Geeks.
cant you just get a copy from the internet somewhere??    

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After playing the ME games in this order: 

I highly suggest playing the first game. The whole time I was playing it I felt as though I was fighting the controls, and inventory just to get through the story, but it was absolutely worth it. The reunion/emotional scenes carry a lot more weight with the back story and previous experience with the characters and the galaxy it exists in. 
In short Mass Effect makes Mass Effect 2 an even better game